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List of Sustainability Policies and Policy Promotion Structure

List of Sustainability Policies and Policy Promotion Structure List of Sustainability Policies and Policy Promotion Structure

The following are the basic policies of the Seiko Group, reflecting our corporate philosophy of being “a company that is trusted by society.”

Seiko Group’s Sustainability Policy

Starting with its Statement of Purpose,
the Seiko Group will strive to use its business activities,
which aim to create

W:Well-being-A Better Life / I:Inclusion-for all people / T:Trust-Certainty and Trust / H:Harmony-with the Earth),

to realize the Group’s steady growth and contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Well-Being-A Better Life

As a company that is open, approachable, and people-friendly, we aim to create a society where employees and all other stakeholders can work and live with a sense of pride and fulfillment while recognizing each other’s diverse values.
In our business activities, we will actively address social issues such as human rights, and contribute to the realization of a world where more people can live comfortable, authentic lives, secure in body and mind.

Inclusion-For All People

Corporations can play a major role in the human quest for happiness, and creating an environment where all types of people are welcome is one key area. In addition to providing functional value such as convenience, our products and services provide emotional value based on respect for traditional culture. We also aim to enrich people’s lives through our support for activities such as music and sports. Using the power of our technologies, we want to create a safe and secure society by supporting people’s diverse lifestyles in this new era.

Trust-Certainty and Trust

We believe that pursuing our commitment to high quality and outstanding products, as we have since our founding, will help us to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. Our basic philosophy is to be “A Company that is Trusted by Society.” We regard compliance with all laws and regulations, transparency and fairness in management, and respect for social ethics in all our businesses as vitally important concerns for our management. In order to put this philosophy into action, we will address issues such as corporate scandals, fraud and anti-competitive behavior, information asymmetry with stakeholders, and violations of customer privacy.

Harmony-Harmony with the Earth

In recent years, problems such as the increasing number of natural disasters stemming from the climate crisis have become even more serious. Because of our responsibility as a global brand, we will focus on transforming our old consumption and production activities to eliminate the mass consumption of resources and mass disposal of waste. In addition, by utilizing environmental technologies, we will address issues such as greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society that can coexist with the global environment.