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System Clocks/Sports Timing

We bring together the most reliable technology and our 140 years of knowhow to produce products of superb quality and exceptionally high accuracy, such as the system clocks used in public facilities and competitive sports timing devices, products that capture each precious moment of time.

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System Clocks/Sports Timing

System Clocks/Sports Timing

System Clocks/Sports Timing

System clocks and sports timing and measurement systems all around us.
Playing an active role in public spaces and sports scenes

We plan, develop, manufacture, sell and service system clocks and sports timing. Our product range includes clocks for public places such as schools and hospitals; marionette clocks that decorate communities; specialty clocks such as clocks for broadcasters; sports timing devices that enable precise measurements to 1/10,000th of a second. We also actively provide timing support activities at various national and international sports competitions using our extensive experience and sophisticated technological capabilities.

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