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SEIKO Moving ahead. Touching hearts.

Seiko has continued to drive innovation since our founding while supporting the management position of "Always one step ahead of the rest." We formulated our corporate slogan in an easy-to-understand expression to incorporate this long-standing idea as well as the new idea of desire to appeal to customers' emotions. The slogan conveys Seiko's strong will and commitment to continue creating the future based on the technological expertise and sensibilities that have driven the times.

Shinji Hattori

Shinji Hattori

Director, Chairman, Group CEO, and Group CCO
Seiko Group Corporation

This Group slogan incorporates our desire to share exciting times with customers based on the sensitivities and challenging spirit that will advance the next generation while holding dear the deep trust we have built up from the Seiko group’s history. We are determined to build exceptional relationships that strike a chord with our customers by paying even closer attention to their opinions and working to enhance technology and quality. Rest assured that you can expect a lot from Seiko going forward.