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Value Report

  • 2020
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Value Report 2020

P02 History of Value Creation

  • P02
    History of the Seiko Holdings Group
  • P04
    Three Strengths of the Seiko Holdings Group
  • P06
    Value Creation Process of the Seiko Holdings Group
  • P10
    Global Expansion
  • P12
    At a Glance
  • P14
    Financial/Non-Financial Review
  • P16
    Ten-Year Financial/Non-Financial Table
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P18 Value Creation Towards 2025

  • P18
    Mid-Term Management Plan
  • P20
    CEO Message
  • P26
    Interview with the President
  • P30
    Seiko’s Initiatives to Solve Social Problems through ESG Activities
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P36 Value Creation in Business Activities

  • P36
    Watches Business
  • P40
    Electronic Devices Business
  • P42
    Systems Solutions Business
  • P44
    Clocks/Wako/Time Systems Business
Download [3.9MB]

P46 Foundation Supporting Value Creation

  • P46
    Research and Technological Development
  • P50
  • P52
    Branding Strategies
  • P54
    Human Resources Strategies
  • P56
    Corporate Governance
  • P62
    Corporate Ethics/Compliance
  • P64
    Risk Management
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P66 Financial Information

  • P66
    Financial Statement
  • P70
    Segment Information
Download [0.2MB]

P72 Company Information

  • P72
    Overview of Company
  • P73
    Information about Shares
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Corporate Report

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Corporate Report Back Numbers


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