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Seiko has been a complete, end-to-end clock-making company for over 130 years, since the time it produced its very first wall clock. Today, we still pride ourselves on handling every step of the process, from product planning and manufacturing to after-sales service. Thanks to our combination of high-quality manufacturing skills and cutting-edge technology, we are able to offer a broad range of exceptional products.

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A wide range of high-quality products

We offer a wide variety of products, from mechanical desktop clocks that incorporate our original designs and technologies and are assembled by skilled craftsmen, to marionette clocks that mark the time with delightful mechanical dolls performing to music. Our latest technologies feature radio-controlled clocks that automatically receive accurate time data from satellites.

World's first satellite radio wave clock for home use: Seiko Space Link

This clock corrects the display time automatically based on time information received from a GPS satellite.

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