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Seiko Exciting School

“Nurturing a future full of smiles for children” Come onJoin us for exciting
learning and meaningful

The Seiko Exciting School is a classroom where children can engage in interesting activities and develop a richer future by expanding their human connections.
Through challenges, discoveries, and new awareness, we hope that children will enjoy a classroom filled with smiles, and their hands-on learning will increase their zest for life so that they will want to create a brighter future for themselves. By teaching them about Time, Seiko continues to nurture the next generation.

Seiko Exciting Time & Timepieces School Photo

Seiko Exciting
Time & Timepieces School

For elementary school students

This is a classroom to think about “Time” from various perspectives in connection with elementary school subjects.

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Seiko Exciting Environment School Photo

Seiko Exciting
Environment School

For elementary school students

A place to learn about and experience biodiversity activities in a natural forest.

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Seiko Exciting Sports School Photo

Seiko Exciting
Sports School

For elementary, middle, and high school students

First-class athletes encourage children’s dreams. In this class, students get to exercise for fun and think about how Time plays an important role in every sport.

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Seiko Exciting Music School Photo

Seiko Exciting
Music School

For junior and senior high school students

Artists will go to the schools to teach students directly. They will teach musical techniques and talk about the will needed to overcome difficulties and become a professional.

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Nov. 29, 2021

The Seiko Exciting School Website is open!

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