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The passage of Time,
the beauty and charm of Japanese culture.

beauty and charm of

Japanese culture.

Discover the appeal of traditional culture with the
Time and
Japanese Culture Project in Ginza


Experience the unparalleled beauty of Japan

birei birei

Traditional Japanese culture finds inspiration in the passage of time, in the ever-changing seasons, and in all the wonders of Nature. Throughout the ages, Japanese artisans have used a range of artistic techniques to express this beauty, richness, and sense of transience.
Seiko has always revered Japan’s special aesthetic sense, and has infused it into the design of its signature products, such as luxury watches. With this vision in mind, Seiko has created the Time and Japanese Culture Project, a fresh approach to rediscovering the appeal of classical Japanese culture and helping a wider audience to understand and appreciate it.

Seiko House, located in the heart of the world-famous Ginza district, will host a wide variety of events and exhibitions featuring artists from diverse fields that represent traditional Japanese culture, including craftsmanship, food culture, fine art, and performing arts.


Experience the appeal of Japan’s cultural traditions

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    There are currently no scheduled events.

    As soon as an event is scheduled, we will make an announcement with all available details.
    For information on past events, please refer to the "Report" page.

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    Learning from Time:
    A premium event to learn about and enjoy Kabuki

    As the second installment of the “Time and Japanese Culture Project," which aims to promote Japanese culture to a wider audience, we are pleased to announce our premium kabuki event, Learning from Time. This event, to be held at Seiko House Ginza Hall on July 4th and 5th, will be produced by Ichikawa Danjuro, a famous kabuki actor and Seiko's group ambassador. Renowned kabuki actors, musicians, and playwrights will explain the charm of this art form together with live performances.
    In Learning from Time, we will focus on three key elements — Knowledge, Movement, and Sound — to convey the appeal and majesty of kabuki. During the Movement session, we will introduce typical kabuki forms and some elaborate staging techniques known as keren, and also provide instruction on kabuki movements. In the Sound session titled "Enjoying Kabuki with Your Ears," kabuki musicians will present live performances along with introductions to traditional Japanese instruments. They will also showcase improvisational pieces tailored to the ambiance of the venue. We have combined both the Movement and Sound sessions with the Knowledge segment (which explains the history and essence of kabuki) to create two interesting but different programs: Knowledge + Movement and Knowledge + Sound. This event is sure to appeal to everyone from serious kabuki enthusiasts to those who are curious about the art, but have yet to see a performance. It should also be entertaining for families with young children.

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    The Art of Time, a tale woven by Kabuki artists
    Tamasaburo Bando KIMONO Collection: Four Seasons, Nature, and Life – The Passage of Time and the Beauty of Nature

    This exhibition presents a display of gorgeous kimonos owned by the famous Kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando, who is renowned for his mastery of female roles. Needless to say, all these kimonos were created by outstanding artisans and they showcase the exquisite beauty, techniques, and historical significance of this pinnacle of the weaver’s art. Visitors can experience the passage of time as they explore stunning designs depicting Japan's four seasons. As a special treat, there are some personal treasures hand-selected by Tamasaburo Bando from his private collection.
    We invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of kimono art, showcased for a limited time only in the elegant setting of Seiko House Ginza Hall.


Hands-on events

Enjoying Kabuki through “Knowledge,” “Movement” and “Sound”! In the Learning from Time event, actors, a hayashi-kata (musician), and a playwright explained the charms of Kabuki from their various perspectives.

The premium event Learning from Time was held over two days at the Seiko House Ginza Hall in July 2023, providing participants with an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the joy of Kabuki theater. The event was produced by Seiko Group ambassador and renowned Kabuki actor Danjuro Ichikawa. At the event, Kabuki actors Kudanji Ichikawa and Kazutaro Nakamura, hayashi-kata (musician) Denjiro Tanaka, and Kabuki playwright Toyoshige Imai took the stage and explained about Kabuki in ways that even beginners could understand and enjoy. The four men talked about aspects of Knowledge, Movement, and Sound, each according to his own perspective.

In this report, we look back on all four sessions of the event (50 people were invited to each one) and examine the lessons that each of the speakers inherited in their various roles.

Event Report
The Art of Time as woven by performers and artisans: Ten full-length costumes depicting the four seasons, presented by Tamasaburo Bando

We presented a special exhibition: Four Seasons, Nature, and Life – The Passage of Time and the Beauty of Nature, a collection of costumes belonging to the highly esteemed onnagata (female role) kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando V. This special exhibition was held in June 2023.

In this exhibition, we displayed 10 stunning costumes, specially selected by Tamasaburo from among his personal collection. These superb creations express the beautiful scenery of the four seasons, lovingly rendered in rich, colorful patterns by masters of the weaving and dying arts. This report presents the exclusive details of the Special Interview with Tamasaburo Bando. Additionally, it highlights the very successful costume exhibition, which attracted throngs of visitors every day.

Event Report

Passing on the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship and manufacturing to future generations

As a center to promote the Seiko brand, we are naturally committed to preserving the legacy of master craftsmanship for which our brand is known, and also the manufacturing spirit that will shape a new chapter in our history. Our aim is to remind people that Seiko is actively engaged with, and working hand-in-hand with society.

Seiko House hosts a variety of art- and culture-related exhibitions throughout the year, and the Wako Co., Ltd. in Ginza (located in the same building) provides visitors with an opportunity to see how Japanese art and culture have evolved over time. We are committed to creating a space in the heart of Ginza where anyone can encounter extraordinary treasures. Let us introduce you to a place where such remarkable experiences happen every day.

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