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Purpose & Corporate Philosophy & Sustainability Policy & Group 10-year vision

Purpose & Corporate Philosophy & Sustainability Policy & Group 10-year vision Purpose & Corporate Philosophy & Sustainability Policy & Group 10-year vision


As a company trusted by society, we will constantly pursue innovation, inspiring
people everywhere, and creating a future full of smiles.

We will constantly take up the challenge to create innovative technologies, products, and services. By helping to solve social issues, we will contribute to society, inspire and build trust with our stakeholders, and create a future full of smiles.

Group Purpose Movie

Seiko's Purpose

Corporate Philosophy A Company that is Trusted by Society

Offering high-quality products and services with the consistent emphasis placed on a customer-oriented approach.
Further enhancing the value of the Seiko brand that has been nurtured by its customers.
Further improving management transparency and fairness and focusing on environmental concerns.

Sustainability Policy

Based on our Group Purpose,
the Group engages in business activities to bring about

W:Well-being-A Better Life / I:Inclusion-for all people / T:Trust-Certainty and Trust / H:Harmony-with the Earth)

As our Group continues to grow,
we will continue contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

The Seiko Group has established a new Sustainability Policy.
We aim to solve social issues (materiality) by working towards the realization of WITH, which stands for

Well-Being-A Better Life

Inclusion-For All People

Trust-Certainty and Trust

Harmony-Harmony with the Earth

We will continue to engage in sustainable activities to create a future where the world is filled with smiles, and to achieve sustainable growth for our company and society.

Explanation of the Group’s sustainability policy and promotion structure

Group 10-year vision

Leveraging analog & digital synergies to offer products and services that
contribute to the creation of sustainable societies, connecting people, things,
and time throughout the world

1. Analog & Digital

In order to help meet society’s changing needs, we have refined a wide range of technological capabilities, focusing on our roots in the clock & watch business. We will combine our century-old tradition of analog technologies and our sense of humanity together with our cutting-edge digital technologies to produce even greater synergies in the future. By doing so, we aim to create new technological, emotional, and social value.

2. Societies that connect
things, and time

By connecting people, things, and time, we want to “shrink the world”, bringing people closer together, joined by a sense of security and deep feelings. We want to create eternal societies where feelings flow timelessly, and so bring smiles to the faces of people around the world. We will contribute to the shift away from mass consumption in order to realize an inclusive and sustainable circular society that places special value on people and the things that matter to them.