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Basic Principles of Corporate Ethics

Seiko Holdings Corporation fulfills its corporate social responsibility by complying with statutes, respecting social ethics, and setting up healthy and sensible corporate ethics. Based on this approach, Seiko Holdings Corporation has established the following as its Basic Principles of Corporate Ethics.

  • Complying with the laws and rules of the countries and regions where business is conducted and engaging in fair practices in the light of social ethics.
  • Aiming to become a sensible corporate citizen, and striving for harmony with society.
  • Disclosing information in a timely fashion, and engaging in honest and transparent communications.
  • Protecting the irreplaceable earth and contributing to the preservation of the environment.
  • Respecting fundamental human rights and individuality, and building up a corporate culture with a broad vision which fosters the spirit of corporate ethics.

Our Ethics Policy

Seiko Holdings Corporation believes that it is vital for each and every director and employee to take on board the basic culture stipulated in our Basic Principles of Corporate Ethics and to build and live up to corporate ethical standards that can be broadly accepted by society.
With the goal of living up to these fundamental principles, Seiko Holdings Corporation has set forth its Action Guidelines for Corporate Ethics, which will apply hereinafter to all directors and employees.

I.We comply with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which we carry out our business and conduct our activities fairly from the perspective of social ethics.

  • Fair Competition
    • We carry out our business respecting the "fair, transparent and free competition" that is a fundamental rule of a freely competitive society.
  • Fair Procurement
    • We carry out our procurement operations in compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Respect for Intellectual Property Rights
    • We comply with the laws on intellectual property rights, and respect the rights of third parties.
    • We protect and make full use of the company's intellectual property.
    • We respect the originality and hard work of our staff in creating products that we can patent and protect.
  • Proper Accounting Procedures
    • We adhere to the Commercial Code, tax laws, and laws and regulations regarding accounting and securities, and carry out accounting procedures and reporting properly and in a timely fashion.
  • Ban on Improper Expenditure
    • We do not incur expenditure on anything that goes against laws and regulations, social ethics, or healthy commercial practices.
    • We adhere to all domestic, applicable national and regional laws and regulations on improper spending.
  • Maintenance of Internal Systems
    • We strive to create and maintain a culture of openness and mutual respect in the workplace where everyone"s duties and efforts are valued equally highly.
    • We strive to maintain an environment where each individual can report, liaise and consult in a proper and timely fashion, without exceeding the bounds of their authority of duty.
    • We behave properly in such a way as to not impair either our customers' or the Company's profits.

II.We aim to be a responsible corporate citizen and strive to coexist harmoniously with society.

  • Linking into Society
    • We believe in the importance of the "culture of time" that has evolved alongside the development of world civilizations. In order to let it develop further, we contribute to a range of activities within society.
    • We contribute to the improvement and development of society through our far reaching solutions to the society"s need for time-keeping, which reaches into the ambits of everyday life, sports, scientific technology and industry.
  • Disengagement from Antisocial Forces
    • We do not establish contact with antisocial forces or organizations, we do not give them room to intervene, and we prevent their influences on us before they can occur.
  • Donations to Political Parties, etc.
    • We do not make political donations that contravene laws and regulations or are not within the bounds of social acceptability, and therefore maintain healthy and fair relations with governmental and political organizations.

III.We disclose information in a timely manner and aim to provide sincere and transparent communications.

  • Management of Corporate Information
    • We treat information handled in the course of business as inherent property of the Company, and manage it appropriately.
    • We protect information relating to the corporations and individuals obtained in the course of business, and we collect, use and manage this information properly in accordance with the relevant laws and internal regulations.
    • In order to prevent any risk of insider trading before it happens, we comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and manage important, unpublished internal information appropriately.
  • Conservation of Corporate Property
    • Each and every director and employee member uses company assets for legitimate business purposes only.
    • We do not provide any benefit in exchange for any exercise of shareholders' rights.
  • Corporate Communications
    • We publicly disclose corporate information in a proper and timely fashion, in order to avoid misunderstanding among shareholders in Japan or abroad, customers, employees, business partners, other local communities and groups, and domestic and foreign media and securities analysts.

IV.We appreciate our irreplaceable planet Earth and contribute to the protection of the environment.

  • Conservation of the Environment
    • Conservation of the Earth"s environment is the basis of a healthy and rich society, and through compliance with laws and regulations, and following the Company"s Environmental Philosophy and Policies, we work towards this proactively and continually.

V.We respect fundamental human rights and individual personalities, and strive to create an open-minded corporate culture that nurtures a spirit of corporate ethics.

  • Establishment of a Healthy Working Environment
    • We strive to create an environment where our business can develop through the respect of fundamental human rights and the highest possible degree of accommodation for every individual"s identity and uniqueness.
    • We strive to realize an environment that is healthy and safe, free from unfair discrimination and harassment, and nurtures dedication to work.
    • We properly protect all directors" and employees" personal data in respect of the right of privacy.