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Corporate philosophy Corporate philosophy

Fundamental Corporate Philosophy A Company that is Trusted by Society

Offering high-quality products and services with the consistent emphasis placed on a customer-oriented approach.
Further enhancing the value of the Seiko brand that has been nurtured by its customers.
Further improving management transparency and fairness and focusing on environmental concerns.

As the holding company in the group, Seiko Holdings Corporation is responsible for supporting each operating company in their efforts to implement efficient and flexible management. At the same time, with the aim of enhancing the strength of the Seiko brand, we focus on cross-cutting activities within the group and maximizing the synergy effects by linking the operating companies.

In all our businesses, our unchanging goal is to provide customers with safety and satisfaction based on "reliable quality."

Seiko's fundamental corporate philosophy is to be "a company that is trusted by society." Each and every one of our staff members keeps in mind that "reliable quality" is our best means of communication with our customers, and each is determined to provide people in Japan and around the world with reliable products and services.