Seiko’s predecessor, Kintaro Hattori opens a shop selling and repairing watches and clocks in Ginza 4-chome in 1894. At that time, the founder, Kintaro Hattori, insisted on installing a clock tower on the roof of the building as a service to the people of Ginza.
Later, as a symbol of Tokyo’s reconstruction after the Great Kanto Earthquake, a new building was completed on this site in 1932, and it, too, featured a clock tower. For almost a century it has stood through disasters both natural and man-made, and has become a familiar landmark in Ginza. Today, the Wako building, with its iconic clock tower, is perhaps the most easily recognizable symbol of this world-famous shopping district.

In 2022, to mark the 90th anniversary of this edifice, Seiko will launch a new project, building on the legacy of this historic location, the very origin of the company, to provide a platform dedicated to Japanese technology and craftsmanship. Here, at SEIKO HOUSE, we will focus not on the past, but on the future, looking at how cutting-edge technology and the eternal spirit of Japanese craftsmanship will create a more exciting and more sustainable world in the years to come.

In order to achieve this goal, we will redevelop the main Wako building in Ginza, which is owned by our company, rename it SEIKO HOUSE, and turn its upper floors into a base for promoting the legacy, appeal, and future possibilities of the Seiko brand.
In addition to better utilizing this historical site where one can sense the flow of Time, we will the top three floors with the latest equipment to take greater advantage of the facilities and space in this unique building.

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We are acutely aware of the historical value inherent in this building, and we want to preserve and honor that legacy.
Thus, the famous Wako specialty store will continue to occupy the areas from B1 to 4F, just as in the past. However, the space from the fifth floor up to the rooftop, which had been only partially used until now, will become a center to promote the Seiko brand.
The rooftop is being renovated, and we will build a new digital studio to help communicate Seiko’s messages ― about quality, value, and our SDG activities.

  • b1-4fb1-4f
    Ginza, Wako

    B1-4F: Ginza, Wako

    From the basement to the 4th floor will continue to house the world-renowned Wako specialty store.

    Ginza, Wako Web site
  • 5f5f
    Guest Lounge

    5F: Guest Lounge

    The president’s office and conference rooms will remain on the 5th floor. This area will be equipped with facilities for digital broadcasts, Webinars, and other events, to both domestic and international audiences, and will also be a space for special receptions and presentations.

    *Entry to the 5F Guest Lounge is by invitation only.

  • 6f6f

    6F: SEIKO HOUSE Hall

    In addition to the many artistic events that the Wako specialty store has held in the past, SEIKO HOUSE Hall will be a multi-purpose facility to present a wide variety of interesting content, including exhibitions related to the Group’s business and co-creation projects with artists.

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  • 7f7f
    The Atelier Ginza

    7F: The Atelier Ginza

    The Atelier Ginza is jointly operated by the three Group companies: Seiko Watch Corporation, Seiko Time Creation Inc., and Wako Co., Ltd. The three companies form the Seiko Group’s Emotional Value Solutions Domain, which aims to provide solutions to customers who demand a sense of deep satisfaction and lasting value.

    *Entry to the 7F The Atelier Ginza is by invitation only.

  • roof floorroof floor
    Seiko Sky Garden

    Rooftop: Seiko Sky Garden

    The rooftop Sky Garden will have a wooden deck made of earth-friendly materials and decorated with attractive plantings. It will be a place where visitors can relax and feel the spirit of Ginza, right here in the heart of the district.

    *Entry to the Seiko Sky Garden on the rooftop is by invitation only.




  • Address:

    4-5-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8105

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  • Access:

    Short walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station, Exit A9 or A10, directly access via Exit B1

  • Hours:

    10:30 AM - 7:00 PM



History of Seiko and the Clock Tower