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Chemical Substance Management

Chemical Substance Management Chemical Substance Management

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Any company that uses or stores chemical substances has a responsibility not only to correctly and safely control them, but to take steps to reduce their environmental impact, such as reducing the amounts used and substituting safer chemicals wherever possible. Each company in the Seiko Group that uses chemical substances conducts appropriate control and reduction activities as well as ongoing education and training on chemical substance control.

Reducing the Use of Chemical Substances

Seiko NPC Corporation has been working to reduce the amount of sulfuric acid used in its IC wafer manufacturing process by upgrading its cleaning equipment. As a result of rationalization and efficiency improvements, such as minimizing the volume of the chemical tank, the amount of sulfuric acid used by the cleaning equipment alone was reduced by 31% from the previous level.
In addition, as a result of reviewing treatment conditions in the wastewater treatment process, waste alkali was reduced by 3.7%.

Cleaning equipment
Cleaning equipment

Chemical Substance Management Training

The Seiko Group offers specialized courses on chemical substance management as part of its environmental education program. The courses cover a wide range of topics, including the characteristics and risks of chemical substances, laws and regulations related to chemical substances, and key points in actual management.
In addition, we have prepared a procedure manual for emergency situations, such as chemical substance leaks, and for communication and response measures. Emergency response drills based on the procedure manual are conducted periodically to confirm the effectiveness of the manual and to learn how to prevent the spread of contamination through practice.

A scene from the training
A scene from the training