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The proper, safe management of potentially harmful chemical substances is a crucial responsibility for companies. This includes not only immediate management of chemicals, but also “big picture” steps to reduce future environmental impacts, such as decreasing total usage and transitioning to safer alternatives.
Within our Group, various chemical substances are used in things such as products, manufacturing processes, and wastewater treatment. We believe that not only the physical reduction of chemical substances, but also the establishment of a robust management system for these substances is vital to our sustainability as a business.

Annual Overview for the Fiscal Year 2022

We constantly strive to minimize the quantity of chemical substances that we use. In fiscal year 2022 the volume of substances handled subject to the PRTR law※1 was approximately 102 tons, a reduction of about 22 tons compared to the previous year. In business units that use chemical substances, the Group conducts continuous education pertaining to chemical management, and training for how best to respond to emergency situations. In line with the annual plan for environmental activities in FY2022, we implemented education and training, conducted on-site verifications through internal audits, and worked towards reducing risks.

※1 PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register: Chemical Substance Release and Transfer Reporting System) - A system for understanding, aggregating, and disclosing the handling volume, environmental release, and amount of chemical substances moved outside the facility as waste, among other aspects. Companies are required to compile data for substances covered by this system and report it to government authorities annually.

Chemical Substance Management Education

Within our group, we have established specialized courses on chemical substance management as part of our environmental education program. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including the characteristics and risks associated with chemical substances, relevant regulations, and key points in practical management.
Additionally, we have developed procedures and manuals for handling emergency situations, such as chemical leaks, and have regularly conducted emergency response training based on these procedures. This not only ensures the effectiveness of what is written in the manuals, but also enables practical learning of methods to prevent the spread of contamination.

Chemical Substance Leak Response Training (Seiko Instruments Technology (Shanghai) Inc.)
Chemical Substance Leak Response Training (Seiko Instruments Technology (Shanghai) Inc.)


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