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Because our Group has its roots in the watchmaking business, we have constantly pursued increased precision and more advanced technology over many decades, resulting in the creation of very high-quality products and services. This excellence in functionality, quality, and technical advancement serves as the foundation of value in our Group.

Fundamental Approach

Due to our focus on quality, our Group has inherited a legacy of trust from customers, suppliers, and business partners, and because we honor that legacy, we always strive to provide superior products and services. By preserving and advancing technology, we strive to address customer challenges in each era, aspiring to become a solutions-oriented company. Providing society with high-quality, trustworthy products and services is our Group’s primary mission.

Initiatives for Improving Customer Service

Promotion of Digital Marketing

Our Group is actively taking steps to enhance marketing via Digital CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as part of our overall digital transformation (what we call DX in Japan). This effort aims to strengthen relationships with target customer segments and enhance the quality of products and services across Group companies.

It goes with out saying that Seiko Watch Corporation is dedicated to providing our customers with superior products and services. For example, Grand Seiko has introduced a digital warranty system using QR codes to improve management of customer data. We are actively promoting the introduction of Digital CRM. In the second half of fiscal year 2023, we will continue to strengthen our online boutique, which is our main digital channel, and enhance the use of available data to offer an improved customer experience.

At WAKO Co., Ltd., we use an integrated customer platform that combines online and offline customer data. We improve our understanding of customers through OMO (Online Merged With Offline) strategies such as sending eDMs (direct mail) to targeted customers, conducting surveys among purchasers, and analyzing survey data. Also, by making it possible for salespeople to access customer information instantly on digital tablets at the front of the store, salespeople can provide a better personalized service to each customer, can encourage customer to purchase multiple products at once, and can get more opportunities for hospitalitiy to customers.

digital warranty

Establishment of Support Structure

Service Network Covering Markets Worldwide

Seiko Watch Corporation has a presence in 145 locations across 96 countries and regions. The After-Sales Service Department at our headquarters monitors and constantly improves the quality at all local service centers, aiming to provide the same high level of service worldwide. As part of our efforts to achieve this goal, we are working to train a new generation of skilled technicians who know how to repair Grand Seiko watches in local markets worldwide.
In the same way that Grand Seiko has a certification system for its repair technicians, Seiko-brand watches have established a similar certification system for Solar GPS Satellite Wave Correction movements. We are striving to enhance skill levels at local service centers by promoting steps such as remote training for the repair of sophisticated mechanical movements, a very specialized skill that we want to ensure is available across the globe.

Grand Seiko customers have a profound affection for their watches, which extends to the case, bracelet, and movement. To satisfy them, we provide a Complete Service package to handle all repair requests. This service involves meticulous overhauling of the movement and a light polish for the case and bracelet. To ensure swift repair and maintenance, we will continue working to expand our network of local service centers.

Asia Joint GS Mechanical Skills Training
Asia Joint GS Mechanical Skills Training
Taiwan Technician GS Mechanical Training
Taiwan Technician GS Mechanical Training

Easy Access to Factory Repairs with our “Online Repair Desk”

Online Repair Desk

Seiko Time Labs Co., Ltd. launched the Online Repair Desk in 2011. With this service, customers can input necessary details from their computers or smartphones, and immediately receive an estimate of the repair cost and approximate delivery time. This system allows busy customers or those without a nearby retail store to easily request repairs from the manufacturer, ensuring the use of genuine parts and benefiting from Seiko’s advanced workshops and skilled craftsmanship.

Online Repair Desk (Japanese)

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