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Working Together with Our Employees Working Together with Our Employees

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The Group believes that the realization of a workplace environment in which each and every employee is able to work with peace of mind not only fulfills our social responsibilities but also contributes to the sustainable enhancement of corporate performance.

Basic policy

Under our 8th Mid-Term Management Plan (a five-year plan starting from FY2022, which runs through March 31, 2023), Seiko Group Corporation has positioned human resource strategy as one of the Group's core strategies. We will implement measures across the Group to develop human resources, promote diversity, and improve engagement, as we believe this approach is essential to realizing our SMILE 145 vision of becoming a solutions company.

Human Resource Strategy
Human Resource Strategy

KPIs of Human Resource Strategy (Targets for FY2026)

  • Improve engagement indices*
  • Mid-career hiring rate
    From 42.5% (April 2022) to 50.0%
  • Ratio of women in managerial positions
    From 13.2% (April 2022) to 20.0%

* Commenced engagement surveys from fiscal year 2022

Each employee is a driver of the Group’s sustainable growth. We believe that the development of human resources who proactively take on challenges is key in achieving solutions to complex social issues and the creation of new value.
Moreover, the promotion of diversity is indispensable for becoming a strong organization capable of flexibly and swiftly responding to the changing social environment. Although we have been engaged in initiatives including promoting the active role of all employees , we believe that we need to develop a working environment so that it becomes an even better place to work, as well as to work on strengthening human resource development and other initiatives. Promoting the diversity of the organization will give rise to various innovations. In addition, by providing an environment where employees can maximize their ambitions and skills, we will improve employee engagement, bring about a chain reaction of growth of individuals and the organization, and ultimately aim for the Company’s sustainable growth and development.

Human Resource Development

We will continue the strategic development of employees who exhibit an entrepreneurial attitude and can not only adapt to, but will actively advance our digital transformation.
Going forward, we will foster human resources that can thrive in an environment marked by constant change and innovation, people who are capable of taking on a variety of challenges.

Digital Transformation Training

In 2022, we conducted basic digital training for all employees of our Group companies in Japan. We plan to continue to provide more practical training in the future, aiming to develop employees who are eager to put digital technologies to use in their own operations and leverage them to improve the competitiveness and added value of their businesses.

<Basic digital training「DX Lab」>

Basic digital training「DX Lab」

Diversity Promotion

We will continue to promote the development of a work environment and support systems that enable all types of employees to work enthusiastically and with personal fulfillment, which we believe will ultimately lead to the creation of a variety of innovations.

Encouraging Women to Become More Actively Engaged in the Workplace

Since FY2013, we have been making continuous efforts to improve the work environment for women. We have held numerous training sessions, lectured to both male and female employees, disseminated information through a special Group website, and introduced support systems for female employees.
In the 8th Mid-Term Management Plan (to FY2026), we set a goal to increase the ratio of women in management positions (including specialist positions) in the entire group to 20%. We will continue to train, nurture, and promote women throughout our Group.

<Changes in the ratio of women in management positions>

The ratio of women in management positions
*Seiko Group Corporation and 17 operating companies

Childcare Leave and Reduced Working Hours for Childcare

In accordance with the Act on Childcare Leave/Caregiver Leave, our Group strives to create an environment in which employees with young children who wish to take childcare leave and/or opt for reduced working hours to facilitate childcare can balance both work and child rearing and can still continue to develop their talents at Seiko with full peace of mind.

<Current rate of childcare leave (Seiko Group Corp. and domestic subsidiaries)>

FY Number of eligible employees Number of employees taking childcare leave Percentage of those eligible who choose childcare leave
2021 Male 39 9 23%
Female 44 44 100%

Encouraging Male Employees to Take Childcare Leave

The Group revised its maternity and childcare system as of October 1, 2022, in accordance with a revision to the Act on Childcare Leave/ Caregiver Leave in Japan, and has introduced childcare leave at birth for male employees (up to four weeks within eight weeks after the child’s birth). In addition, paid maternity leave before and after childbirth for female employees, which had been limited to the Company and some of its subsidiaries, has been expanded to cover all eight of its domestic subsidiaries, further enhancing the system. One of the features of this system is that 100% of maternity leave both before and after childbirth and childcare leave after childbirth are paid, which exceeds the statutory requirement. Furthermore, in order to encourage more male employees to take childcare leave (male employees take advantage of childcare leave at a lower rate than do female employees), we are actively promoting Group-wide efforts such as sending messages from the top management to Group employees and holding seminars on the promotion of childcare leave for male employees, intended not only for those who actually take the leave but also to promote understanding among supervisors and colleagues. In addition to revising the system, by working to develop an environment in which both men and women can balance work and childcare, we aim to create a rewarding workplace that will support the lifestyles of all employees.

Yuki Kikuchi image
©Naoya Ochiai

Childcare leave stories Yuki Kikuchi Sales Concierge Department, WAKO Co., Ltd. Yuki Kikuchi Sales Concierge Department, WAKO Co., Ltd.

I have taken a one-year childcare leave since February 2022. I was worried about taking it because there were few precedents of male employees taking long-term childcare leave.
However fortunately, my workplace was understanding and embraced my decision. My wife and I have been blessed by being able to experience bringing up our first child together. By taking childcare leave, I have been able to experience first-hand the concerns of women who work while taking leave. Many of the male workers around me are also hoping to take long-term childcare leave. I hope that through this experience, I will be able to build a comfortable working environment regardless of gender.

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Family care leave and shortened work hours for family care

Seiko Group is establishing systems that surpass statutory requirements for family care leave and for shortened work hours for family care.

Family care leave Leave period of a total of 365 days per person for the subject family.
Shortened work hours for family care The applicable period shall be up to three years from the start of usage.
Employees can choose from among prescribed work patterns, with working hours reduced by either 90 minutes or 150 minutes.

In addition to the above, Seiko Group has introduced family care flextime working hours.

Activating Senior Human Resources

By extending the retirement age for those who desire to continue working, and improving employment conditions for the elderly, we are creating an environment in which seniors can put their knowledge, experience, and skills to good use. These people not only help the departments where they work, but also contribute to the development of future generations and in various ways help to improve our operations.

Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

As part of our efforts to promote diversity, we are actively promoting the employment of individuals with disabilities. As of June 1, 2022, the employment rate of individuals with disabilities was 2.32%, exceeding the legally mandated rate of 2.3%.

Aoba Watch Service Co., Ltd.
Aoba Watch Service Co., Ltd.
Aoba Watch Service Co., Ltd.

Safe, pleasant work environment

Safety and health management

Seiko Group Corporation fully implements the safety and health management regulations specified in the Labor Standards Act, Industrial Safety and Health Act and other legal provisions of Japan relating to safety and health. We aim to ensure the safety and health of employees through such means as appointing persons in charge of overall safety and health, health supervisors and industrial physicians, providing periodic health checks and establishing the Health Committee.

Promoting mental health measures

In accordance with the Guidelines for Promoting Mental Health Care in Enterprises of Japan issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in August 2000 and in response to the shift to mandatory stress check tests following revisions to the Industrial Safety and Health Act of Japan in December 2015, we are promoting employee stress check tests, management training, specialized care from industrial physicians, and the establishment of an external consultation desk, etc.

Principal measures relating to mental health

Self care (employee stress check test, etc.)


Employee care (management training, etc.)


Care from internal health workers (specialized care from industrial physician, etc.)


Care from a specialized institution outside the Company (establishment of an external consultation desk)

Miscellaneous data

Average unapproved overtime hours (FY 2021) 6.9 hours
Average age of employees (as of March 31, 2022) Males: 46.4
Females: 42.4
Average years of service (as of March 31, 2022) Males: 20.8 years
Females: 17.9 years
Turnover rate within three years (retention rate) 1.6%(98.4%)

Seiko Group Corporation and domestic subsidiaries