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Environmentally Conscious Products and Services

Environmentally Conscious Products and Services Environmentally Conscious Products and Services

Relevant SDGs


As a manufacturer, we are expected to contribute to the resolution of social issues, including environmental problems, through our core business operations.
As examples of our ongoing efforts, the Group is focusing on the creation of a) environmentally friendly products, b) products and services that can improve the environmental performance of customers’ products, and c) products and services that help improve the environment, such as products that save energy and resources, conserve biodiversity, and avoid the use of chemicals. This is all achieved thanks to our focus on craftsmanship, miniaturization, and efficiency.

Green Products Certification System

Environmentally Friendly Products

In 2001, Seiko Instruments Inc. introduced something called the Green Product Standards, an environmental initiative that was ahead of its time. Since 2020, the project has been operated by Seiko Holdings Corporation, and renamed the Green Products Certification System. Any of our business divisions can participate in the green products certification screening. As a matter of fact, the participation of other divisions helps to ensure that the screening process is conducted objectively and from a broader viewpoint. It also helps to facilitate information exchange among business divisions about environmentally friendly design.

*This system is based on the system introduced by Seiko Instruments Inc. in 2001, and has been operated as the Green Products Certification System of Seiko Holdings Corporation since 2020.

Green Products Certification Criteria

Based on the Environmental Label Type II (ISO14021), we evaluate each environmental compatibility factor for each product based on our own five-step system, and certify products with an average score of at least 3.5 (out of 5) as Green Products.

Green Products Label
Green Products Label

Outline of Green Products Certification Criteria

  • Environmental friendliness will be based on 22 key items common to all products.
  • For each item and each product, we will use a five-step evaluation process.
  • Priority shall be given to “absolute evaluation criteria,” which is a five-level set of standards measuring the level of environmental friendliness of similar products in the industry. The evaluations are based on each company’s own survey. However, if there are items for which it is difficult to use these “absolute evaluation criteria,” then we should use the “relative evaluation criteria,” which refers to five stages of improvement in the level of environmental friendliness relative to conventional products.
  • Evaluation criteria will be based on numerical values as much as possible.
  • The criteria will be reviewed and revised once every two years.
Score The concept of absolute evaluation criteria The concept of relative evaluation criteria
5 points Top class Outstanding improvement over prior products
4 points First group Substantial improvement over prior products
3 points Second group Some Improvement over prior products
2 points Average level Same level as prior products
1 point Low level Lower level than prior products

22 Key Items Relating to Environmental Friendliness Used in Green Products Certification Criteria*

  1. Power consumption during use
  2. Power consumption during standby
  3. Product weight
  4. Usage of reused parts and recycled materials
  5. Recyclability of products at end of lifecycle
  6. Extension of product lifecycles
  7. Limitation of undesirable substances in parts*
  8. Elimination of conditional use substances in parts*
  9. Elimination of banned substances in parts*
  10. Smaller, more lightweight packaging
  11. Limitation of extruded polystyrene foam packaging materials
  12. Avoidance of polyvinyl chloride and heavy metals in packaging
  13. Manufacturing process: energy conservation
  14. Manufacturing process: resource conservation
  15. Manufacturing process: reduction of undesirable substances*
  16. Manufacturing process: elimination of banned substances*
  17. Green purchasing
  18. Easy disassembly
  19. Easy sorting of materials for recycling
  20. Information disclosure in user manuals, and other related documents
  21. Contribution to improving the environmental performance of our clients’ products and to conserving the environment
  22. Consideration for biodiversity

* Based on SHC standards

High Grade Green Products Certification System

High Grade Green Products Certification Criteria

Products that not only meet the Green Products Certification Criteria, but also meet the following two conditions will be certified as High Grade Green Products.

High Grade Green Products Label
High Grade Green Products Label
Basic condition Must satisfy the Green Products Certification Criteria, with an average score of 3.5 or more.
Additional conditions
  1. The average score of the evaluation items of the Green Products Certification Criteria must be 4.2 or more.
  2. Among the evaluation items in the Green Products Certification Criteria, 5 items must have environmental performance features that can be concretely explained.

Green Purchasing

The Seiko Holdings Group promotes Green Purchasing, prioritizing purchases of products with low environmental impact from suppliers that are engaged in environmentally friendly activities.
Seiko Instruments Inc., established the SII Group Green Purchasing Standards in 1999 based on the idea that it is essential to consider the environment in every single component or material used. SII has been promoting Green Purchasing with the cooperation of the Design/Development, Quality Control, and Procurement departments and with the understanding and cooperation of our suppliers.

Seiko Instruments Inc.
Green Purchasing Standards

Management of Chemical Substances in Products

The tightening of regulations on chemical substances in products, which was pioneered by the EU’s RoHS Directive, is expanding in Asia and other parts of the world. The Seiko Holdings Group is working to prohibit or reduce the use of undesirable substances in its products, not only those banned by law, but also those for which there are concerns regarding hazardous effects on human health and the environment. Group companies where such issues are relevant have established management systems to eliminate these problems by steadily reducing the use of such substances in their products and conducting regular analyses to confirm their elimination.

Examples of Environmentally Conscious Products and Services

Reflow-mountable manganese-silicon lithium secondary battery MS621R
Reflow-mountable manganese-silicon lithium secondary battery MS621R
3.3V resistant, high capacity, and excellent charge-discharge cycle characteristics
POS printer RP-F10/G10
POS printer RP-F10/G10
Energy saving at a maximum printing speed of 250mm/s
Motorized pendulum metronome EPM5100
Motorized pendulum metronome EPM5100
Power savings leading to battery life more than 1.5 times that of conventional models