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The Group is committed to contributing to the communities that host its facilities and to society as a whole.

Policies and Principles

Guided by our Sustainability Policy, our Group is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of society in tandem with the growth of our business. We strive for symbiosis with customers, suppliers, employees, local communities, and investors. Through various measures, we aim to make a positive impact on sustainable social development.

Sustainability Policy

Sports Sponsorship Initiatives

Our Group actively sponsors sports events. By participating in charity and volunteer activities through sports, we contribute to the revitalization of local communities and the development of children and young people.

Seiko Time to Shine

In August 2023, during the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 held in Hungary, Seiko organized the overseas edition of our “Time to Shine” Seiko Exciting Sports School. The event was designed to support the development of the next generation of athletes and promote track and field athletics. Chisato Fukushima, the Japanese record holder in the 100 m and 200 m track events and also a Seiko Smile Ambassador, provided practical coaching to 20 boys and girls aged 10 to 12 from a local athletics club. The coaching activities included real-world timing using the same kind of equipment that would be used in actual track events at the World Athletics Championships venue.

Seiko Time to Shine

Resource Recycling Awareness Campaign at Panama International Marathon

As part of SEIKO Panama, S.A.'s commitment to SDGs, the company conducted a campaign to promote resource recycling during its sponsorship of the Panama International Marathon. In collaboration with JICA Panama and the local organization AAUD (Urban Waste Collection Authority), Seiko Panama disseminated information on the 3R principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) at the marathon venue. This included exhibiting examples of upcycling, such as furniture made from used tires, and doll sculptures crafted from discarded PET bottles. Additionally, the company conducted cleaning activities at the venue both before and after the event.

The Panama International Marathon. The Panama International Marathon.

Tokyo Marathon

At the Tokyo Marathon held on March 5, 2023, Seiko served as the official timer for the 16th consecutive time since the inaugural event. Under the slogan “Renewing Ourselves,” Seiko supported runners striving to achieve their target times, event staff, and those cheering along the course. Our goal was to help everyone involved see a new version of themselves.

Tokyo Marathon Tokyo Marathon

Sports Hinomaru Kids

Hinomaru is the name of the Japanese national flag. The Sports Hinomaru Kids Association organizes judo, soft tennis, and other tournaments and events throughout the year with the aim of strengthening parent-child bonds. Seiko is proud to sponsor the annual activities of Sports Hinomaru Kids, providing timer clocks and kids' watches as prizes for the competitions.

Sports Hinomaru Kids

Swimming Day

Established as part of our social contribution activities, Swimming Day aims to promote the sport of swimming, fostering a connection with water and developing the ability to save lives.
In FY2023, the event was held in Hiroshima City, featuring a variety of activities, such as talk shows and children’s swimming clinics run by Olympic athletes. There were demonstrations of diving, water polo, artistic swimming, and traditional Japanese swimming techniques. During this event, a special charity event was held. In “SEIKO Target Time,” participants who swam a fixed distance within a specified target time range were awarded a stopwatch. These intense races, where every second counted, added excitement to the event.

Swimming Day

Initiatives through Music

Our Group is engaged in social support activities through music, always looking to foster deeper connections with people.

Sound of “Wa” Concert to Support Eastern Japan

Since immediately after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, our company has been organizing annual recovery support concerts in the affected areas. Starting in 2013, these events expanded to become the Sound of “Wa” Concerts to Support Eastern Japan, held in the three Tohoku prefectures most affected by the disaster, as well as in Tokyo. Featuring numerous artists who express their solidarity with the disaster-stricken regions, the concerts provide a platform for collaboration with local artists and music enthusiasts, helping to foster deeper connections with these areas and their people. In collaborating with the local communities to create these concerts, Seiko has witnessed the power of music to kindle the flame of hope in people's hearts and spread the wa (harmony) of recovery.
On March 10, 2023, on the 12th anniversary of the earthquake, we held the 42nd edition of the concert at Shibuya Bunkamura Orchard Hall. With thoughts directed towards Tohoku, we strive to use the power of music to convey a message of hope and resilience, ensuring that we will continue moving forward without forgetting those challenging times.

Sound of “Wa” Concert to Support Eastern Japan

Sound of “Wa” Concert to Support Eastern Japan

Seiko Summer Jazz Camp

Our company supports aspiring young musicians who are passionate about music. The Seiko Summer Jazz Camp, is a special initiative designed to provide talented Japanese youth with guidance on jazz performance techniques, music theory, and the enjoyment of interactive music. Our Jazz Camp features globally renowned instructors who work closely with young Japanese musicians.
The camp culminates in a public concert on the final day so that students can showcase their accomplishments. Awards are presented to several outstanding participants. We are pleased to see that approximately 60 of our former students are now actively working as professional jazz musicians.
The 8th edition of the camp took place from August 14 to 18 in 2023, with the participation of 40 young musicians aged 16 to 25.

Seiko Summer Jazz Camp

Engaging with the Local Community

Both domestic and international Group companies, as well as firms related to each Group company, strive to contribute to local revitalization by participating in environmental conservation and community development activities in their respective regions.

Collaboration with PADI and Other Initiatives for Marine Conservation

In 2021, our sports watch brand, Seiko Prospex, began its support for the Marine Debris Program, a conservation effort run by the world's largest diving education organization, PADI and the marine environmental protection organization PADI AWARE Foundation. To express our gratitude to the divers who love Seiko's diver's watches and to the vast ocean, we are donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of the Seiko Prospex Save the Ocean series to PADI and working together to remove marine debris.
Additionally, local Seiko companies in various countries collaborate with diverse marine conservation organizations to promote beach cleanup activities.

Collaboration with PADI and Other Initiatives for Marine Conservation Underwater Activities

Engagement with the Local Community at Morioka Seiko Instruments

Morioka Seiko Instruments Inc. has been organizing the “Community Environmental Report Meeting" since fiscal year 2008. This event is targeted at local residents, as well as municipalities and businesses within the prefecture. During the meeting, the Seiko factory conducts tours of its indoor and outdoor green spaces, introduces environmental activities, and shares its commitment to our view of manufacturing, which values coexistence with Nature. This initiative aims to foster a sense of shared responsibility and engagement with the local community.

In 2021, Seiko Watch Corporation, Morioka Seiko Instruments, and Iwate Prefecture entered into a comprehensive collaboration agreement to collectively work towards regional revitalization and the realization of sustainable local communities. As part of this initiative, the trio commenced conservation activities in birch forest on the Hiraniwa Plateau. In August 2022, they completed a biotope named "Wakuwaku Tope," designed through collaborative research with Iwate Prefectural University. This further enhanced cooperation with the local community.

Morioka Seiko Instruments was awarded the Iwate Prefecture Governor's Commendation for Environmental Conservation Activities in 2022 in recognition of its environmental preservation activities. The company also received high praise, including the Tohoku Economic and Industrial Bureau Director-General's Award, in the 2023 Greening Excellent Factory Awards (commonly known as the National Green Factory Awards).

Biotope Installed on the Grounds of Morioka Seiko Instruments
Biotope Installed on the Grounds of Morioka Seiko Instruments
Forest Conservation Activities at Hiraniwa Plateau
Forest Conservation Activities at Hiraniwa Plateau

Seiko Instruments’ Forest

Makuhari Unit of Seiko Instruments Inc. entered into a Corporate Forest Agreement with Chiba Prefecture in August of 2014. The agreement involves planting Japanese black pine trees in what came to be called the Seiko Instruments Forest. In fiscal year 2022, the company entrusted the Chiba Prefectural Forestry Association with tasks such as clearing underbrush and repairing protective nets. In April 2023, they renewed the agreement for the second time, continuing to monitor the growth of the black pine trees.

Seiko Instruments’ Forest

Community Cleanup Activities

Our Group regularly conducts cleanup activities in the vicinity of its domestic and international business sites, including the areas around our offices and along the adjoining roads.

SII Crystal Technology Inc. combines social contribution and health promotion by conducting annual cleanup activities around the nearby Nagano River every October. In fiscal year 2023, 67 employees helped to clean designated areas.

SII Crystal Technology's Cleanup Activities
SII Crystal Technology's Cleanup Activities

Ohno Unit Seiko Instruments Inc. engages in biannual cleanup activities around the facility every May and October as part of its commitment to community support. Approximately 20 employees participate in each session, focusing on cleaning and grass-cutting to enhance the appearance of the roads surrounding the plant. Moreover, thanks to its efforts in the local cleanup activities, the Ono Plant is now registered with the Ichikawa City Good Citizen Cooperation Organization.

Seiko Instruments’ Cleanup Activity at Ono Plant
Seiko Instruments’ Cleanup Activity at Ono Plant

Technology Promotion and Research Guidance through Collaborative Development

The Technical Development Department of Seiko Future Creation Inc. uses the Research & Development Department of Seiko Manufacturing (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. as an overseas R&D base to promote joint development projects with national research institutions and universities. Additionally, they engage in educational guidance for local students as part of their commitment to fostering technological advancement.

Collaborative Technology Promotion in Singapore
Collaborative Technology Promotion in Singapore

Operating Company Activities

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