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Business Ethics and Compliance Structure

Based on our fundamental philosophy regarding corporate ethics, Seiko Group Corporation has set up a Corporate Ethics Committee and established Corporate Ethical Behavior Guidelines. We are carrying out a comprehensive training program focusing on education and awareness, consultation and communication, auditing, evaluation, etc. for all executives and general staff.

Each of the companies in the Seiko Group has established its own corporate ethics system and code of conduct, based on their own situation as well as relevant laws, ordinances, and rules. If corporate ethics issues arise at any of our Group companies, each one will take prime responsibility for resolving those issues. However, if Seiko Group Corporation receives a request from any Group company, we will provide full support to help them resolve issues in this area.

Maintenance and Promotion of Corporate Ethics & Compliance

Because Seiko Group Corporation considers the widespread promotion of Corporate Ethics & Compliance systems to be an important management responsibility, we carry out corporate ethics training for all executives and staff.

In 2020, the entire Seiko Group carried out executive training on themes such as “Antimonopoly Law-related risks” and conducted staff training on “Harassment” and “SNS risk mitigation”.

Seiko Group recognizes that compliance violations are a prime cause of reputation risk and may damage our brand. Therefore, we are strongly promoting efforts in areas such as education and awareness training to strengthen compliance throughout our entire Group.

In order to confirm that our compliance system is up to date and being properly promoted, our Internal Auditing Office conducts regular compliance audits.
In accordance with the Companies Act’s provisions regarding the auditing of internal controls, we confirm basic policies on compliance, the creation and dissemination of codes of conduct, and the state of current risk management systems at eight main Group companies.
Through evaluation of internal controls over financial reporting (J-SOX), we examine the financial reporting processes and business operations processes to ensure the preparation of suitable financial statements.
Additionally, we are expanding our auditing efforts with regard to protection of personal information, control of My Number (Individual Number) data, prevention of insider trading, and other areas where we need to exercise broad-ranging internal controls.

Areas of internal control
Areas of internal control

Whistleblower System

Seiko Group Corporation has set up a Helpline as a means for employees to talk about and report issues relating to corporate ethics and compliance. In addition to the internal helpline, we have established an external consultation service through a law office. We want to create an environment in which employees feel comfortable talking about and reporting problems. We have instituted provisions to ensure that people who use the system do not suffer as a result. Information that could identify such employees as well as the contents of any such consultations are strictly guarded.

Proper Operation and Management of R&D Using Public Research Funds and Promotion of Proper Research Activities

Seiko Group Corporation has established basic policies and a system of responsibility to prevent the misuse of public research funds in our R&D activities. We are committed to properly managing all activities that use public research funds and promoting proper research activities.

Basic Policies and System of Responsibility for the Prevention of Misuse of Public Research Funds in R&D Activities