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Web Site Privacy Policy

Through our Personal Information Protection Policy, Seiko Holdings Corporation (Seiko) recognizes the importance of protecting the personal information of customers who use our website and handles such information in the following way.

  1. 1. When posting the opinions or photographs of individuals on our website, Seiko will definitely obtain the consent of the person concerned beforehand and, in accordance with our Personal Information Protection Policy, will only post information that is appropriate.
  2. 2. For the purposes of inquiry reception, surveys, e-mail delivery, mail-order sales, prize competitions, online member services, etc., Seiko may collect personal information via our website.
  3. 3. When gathering information, Seiko will specify and indicate the purpose of use. Furthermore, Seiko will not request any information in excess of the scope of information required to achieve the purpose.
  4. 4. When requesting personal information through prescribed input forms on the website, Seiko in principle will implement appropriate encryption for transmission and will endeavor to prevent leakage at the time of sending and receiving.
  5. 5. Seiko may supply information received via the website to business outsourcers. In addition, we may supply inquiries received via the website to successors of the business concerned. In such cases, through contracts and agreements, Seiko will require business outsourcers and successors to endeavor to prevent the leakage of personal information in the same way that Seiko does.
  6. 6. Seiko does not collect information on individual usage trends by means of cookies on the website. We do maintain an access log for the site, but this information is not used for any purposes other than as statistical material for the operation of the website or for surveys on the cause of illegal access.
  7. 7. In order to securely preserve personal information in the operation of the website, Seiko will adopt appropriate security measures for the system and its operation, such as server control arrangements and access restrictions.
  8. 8. In the case of transfer to websites operated by third-party corporations or individuals via links while using Seiko's website, the protection of personal information at the link sites will be beyond the scope of Seiko's responsibility.
  9. 9. Seiko will endeavor to protect personal information received from minors by handling it in the same way as the information that we receive from adults. If necessary, we may request the consent of the guardian.
  10. 10. Click here for information about personal data collected by Seiko before 31 March, 2005. (Japanese)
  11. 11. Seiko accepts inquiries about the handling of personal information at the following contact:

Click here for inquiries to Seiko Holdings Corporation.

Seiko Holdings Corporation Personal Information Protection Policy