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[Special Feature] Products and Services that Contribute to Society

Mobile printer

Supporting Smart Accounting Anytime and Anywhere

Mobile printer MP-B20

Recent years have witnessed the growing use of mobile POS systems that perform accounting tasks utilizing tablets and smartphones. As a chief feature, these systems can be easily introduced merely by installing a specialized app.
These mobile POS systems require compact printers for printing receipts and other items. Leveraging its world's number-one sales performance* in compact thermal printer mechanisms, Seiko Instruments has developed ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight printers the size of the palm of a hand. These printers can be used for printing receipts in various settings that include indoor venues as well as outdoor shops, door-to-door sales and home parcel deliveries.
By providing mobile printers, Seiko Instruments will contribute to the spread and wider use of mobile POS systems that enable smart accounting anytime and anywhere.

*According to a survey by chunichisha Co., Ltd. regarding production volume of compact printers that use the direct thermal method

Mobile Printer MP-B20 series | Seiko Instruments Inc.

High-sensitivity optic sensor

Supporting Secure and Comfortable Lives with Technologies That Accurately Identify Banknotes

High-sensitivity optic sensor SM3320AGA

Sophisticated technologies that accurately identify banknotes are now required due to such factors as the diversification of financial services accompanying the development of the global economy and an expansion in distribution and leisure markets. These technologies use sensors that can precisely and accurately distinguish minute changes in banknotes that cannot be ascertained with the naked eye.
Seiko NPC has developed a high sensitivity optical sensor that can identify, measure and detect various types of banknotes from a variety of angles and differentiate between authentic notes and counterfeit. This sensor can detect the signal in the authenticity of banknotes with high precision using photo-detector elements. Our sensor supports a wide wavelength of light ranging from ultraviolet light to infrared. By expanding its detection ranges, this optical sensor can also be used with a diversity of optical detection systems.
Based on the theme of "detecting previously invisible signals," Seiko NPC will support secure and comfortable lives by developing distinctive sensor-related products appropriate for the demands of the market.

IC Products | Seiko NPC Corporation

Credit card payment service

Responses for Countermeasures against Credit Card Information Leakage

Wireless payment terminal AT-5200

Due to the Revised Installment Sales Act promulgated in December 2016, credit card affiliated stores are now required to conform with PCIDSS* or refrain from storing credit card information as countermeasures against the leakage of credit card information.
Credit card affiliated store members with outlets face enormous time and cost requirements and conforming with PCIDSS, which demands expertise, is unrealistic. Many card-affiliated store members are considering "external-loop connections" to avoid storing credit card information.
As a response, in January 2018 Seiko Solutions commenced a service that is linked to POS systems, but sends billing account data directly from wireless payment terminals to a settlement center without transferring credit card information to the POS terminal. This service was developed based on the strong track record and experience cultivated through our involvement with CREPiCO, Japan's first wireless tablet credit card settlement system. Additionally, we will propose methods using encryption for ensuring that credit card information is not retained as we formulate measures against information leakage in accordance with the needs of customers.

*Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard: This is one international standard that prescribes security criteria required for business operators for the safe handling of credit card information.

From the executive officer in charge

Koji Ito
General Manager
CP Business Development Dept.
CREPiCO DIV., Data Service Business Unit

CREPiCO introduced in 1999 is used in a variety of settings, including table payment at restaurants and shops, home delivery and collection of utility charges. In particular, the service has been introduced to around 50,000 of Japan's 250,000 taxis nationwide.
It is important for credit card affiliated stores to formulate plans that best suit their operations based on accurate information to prevent information leaks, as required by the revised Installment Sales Act, which will go into effect in March 2020. Seiko Solutions supports the formulation of customer plans by holding numerous private seminars.

Digital evidence solution

Guaranteeing the Authenticity of Electronic Data

Time stamp service

The enforcement of the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act and Electronic Signature Law in 2001 and the e-Document Law in 2005 made it possible to use digital data in place of paper documents that previously had to be issued, processed and stored in paper format. Going paperless eliminates the need for printing, bookbinding, naming and sealing, enclosing in an envelope and posting, thus reducing costs associated with sending and stamps. Meanwhile, going digital makes long-term storage and searches of voluminous data simpler, resulting in speedier and more efficient operations. This has also led to new risk, however, associated with falsification and forgery of electronic data. Evidence remains when paper is falsified, but with electronic data, copying and manipulation can be easy and it is possible to change the time and date on a computer simply by illicitly changing the clock.
Seiko Solutions resolves these problems through digital evidence solutions that show when and by whom the electronic data was produced and authorized by providing a time stamp and digital signature. The company will support safe and secure electronic contracts by offering one-stop services that guarantee the authenticity of electronic data as a start-to-finish Cyber Time manufacturer that includes from infrastructure to system and application.

From the executive officer in charge

Hitoshi Yoshida
General Manager
Chronotrust Sales Dept.
Digital Transformation Sales Div.
Digital Transformation Unit

In this era of information and communications technology (ICT) where data is transmitted in real time, there is the need for a way to prove the originality of digital data in various business situations. In recent times, it's now easy to open a bank account or apply for life insurance on one's smartphone, and it's Seiko Solutions' services that are being used to prevent impersonation in B to C contracts. We aim to contribute to even greater authenticity in electronic contracts through digital evidence solutions that feature sophisticated admissibility of evidence.

Performance management for mainframe computers

Looking at IT Systems through Users' Eyes

In order to ensure the stable operation of IT systems and enhance their performance, it is necessary to assess and manage performance by measuring and collecting information that includes processing capacity and processing time.
However, it is getting increasingly difficult to implement performance management in a complex system environment where everything is black box and characterized by virtualization, clouds, smart devices and open source.
In addition, there is the need to evolve from infrastructure-centric management checking the status of system operation to user experience management, which aims to maintain and enhance service level through users' eyes.
IIM Corporation, which became a member of the Seiko Solutions Group in April 2017, provides software for comprehensive automated management covering from user environment to network, application and infrastructure. In addition to making the real experience of the user more visible and thoroughly analyzing areas of dissatisfaction, it is possible to swiftly respond when problems occur and prevent response delay by identifying the flow leading to process completion as in what browser was used and what network was passed during the series of transactions. We will support our customers' business and contribute to optimizing IT costs while also reducing IT stress on the user.

Products & Services | IIM Corporation

From the executive officer in charge

Toshifumi Tsuchiya
Assistant Manager
Sales Department 5
Sales Business Unit

Although it's true that IT is now indispensable to society, with its proliferation comes a variety of system performance related issues for companies.
Since our earliest days, IIM has supported our customers' system performance management through proprietary ES/1 NEO Series performance management software. We contribute to lower costs such as personnel costs by enhancing user productivity, and higher sales by providing stable services.
In addition, we provide knowhow on performance management through our support services, from how to use the system to how to tune it, based on our founding policy of "to sell is to support." In line with this, we help foster professionals in performance management who can resolve any issues in the domain.