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The Group believes that the realization of a workplace environment in which each and every employee is able to work with peace of mind not only fulfills our social responsibilities but also contributes to the sustainable enhancement of corporate performance.

Basic policy

In the 7th Mid-Term Management Plan of the Seiko Holdings Group, the basic policy of our human resources strategy involves preparing an environment where personnel with diverse senses of value can work enthusiastically, aiming for sustainable growth of the Group by creating a virtuous cycle of "recruiting," "cultivating," and "leveraging" human resources.
We have established an "Employee Empowerment Committee" to promote further diversity across the entire Group, promote the sharing of information and exchange of opinions, and prepare a workplace environment where all employees can play an active role, including women, seniors, and employees with time constraints, while also promoting initiatives for improving productivity and health management.

Human resources strategy

Health management

The Seiko Holdings Group started initiatives for promoting the empowerment of women from fiscal year 2013, and has expanded to activities for promoting the active role of all employees and work style reforms from fiscal year 2017. From fiscal year 2019, we have added the perspective of health management to our initiatives for promoting the active role of all employees, and the Employee Empowerment Committee, HR management at each company, and health insurance union work together to achieve this goal.

Declaration of health management
Declaration of health management
Promotion system
Promotion system

Supporting the development of employees' abilities

In addition to stratified training, we provide various opportunities for improving the motivation and skill of our employees, such as executive candidate cultivation and career training. We also focus on cultivating global human resources, and hold seminars for deepening cross-cultural understanding as well as giving our younger employees English conversation lessons by outside teachers.

English conversation lesson
English conversation lesson

Promoting the active role of all employees

Improving the ratio of women in managerial positions

In regard to the empowerment of women, we have held training and seminars, transmitted information via a Group intranet, and adopted various systems from FY2013 and continue to do so. The 7th Mid-Term Management Plan sets a goal of 15% women in managerial positions in Japan and strives for further promotion of women empowerment.

Ratio of women in managerial positions 12.4%

Ratio of women in managerial positions
*Seiko Holdings Corporation and its 13 operating companies

Vitalization of senior human resources

The revised Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons of Japan was enacted in April 2013 and, in principle, all persons wishing to work will be offered continuous employment (by the Company) until the age of 65. The Seiko Holdings Group is striving to energize our senior staff members with initiatives that encourage them to change their mindsets and recognize that they are "trusted key personnel" that the Company needs and who can leverage their vital capabilities in terms of accumulated knowledge, personal connections and specialized skills.

Parental leave and parental shortened working hours

The Seiko Holdings Group is making efforts to ensure a good balance between work and childcare for employees eligible for parental leave. We offer a program of reduced working hours in line with the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act. We are striving to create a pleasant environment in which employees can work with peace of mind and to their full potential.

  Usage of System for Parental Leave and Shortened Working Hours for Parental Care (Major subsidiaries in Japan)
FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018

Childcare leave

75 persons

87 persons

74 persons

100 persons

101 persons

Shortened Working Hours for Childcare

100 persons

112 persons

115 persons

112 persons

109 persons

Employing individuals with disabilities

Aoba Watch Service Co., Ltd., the special subsidiary
Aoba Watch Service Co., Ltd., the special subsidiary

The Seiko Holdings Group actively promotes the employment of individuals with disabilities. At our special subsidiary, Aoba Watch Service Co., Ltd., many persons with disabilities play an active role in work focused on watch repairs.

Safe, pleasant work environment

Safety and health management

Seiko Holdings Corporation fully implements the safety and health management regulations specified in the Labor Standards Act, Industrial Safety and Health Act and other legal provisions of Japan relating to safety and health. We aim to ensure the safety and health of employees through such means as appointing persons in charge of overall safety and health, health supervisors and industrial physicians, providing periodic health checks and establishing the Health Committee.

Promoting mental health measures

In accordance with the Guidelines for Promoting Mental Health Care in Enterprises of Japan issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in August 2000 and in response to the shift to mandatory stress check tests following revisions to the Industrial Safety and Health Act of Japan in December 2015, we are promoting employee stress check tests, management training, specialized care from industrial physicians, and the establishment of an external consultation desk, etc.

Principal measures relating to mental health

Self care (employee stress check test, etc.)


Employee care (management training, etc.)


Care from internal health workers (specialized care from industrial physician, etc.)


Care from a specialized institution outside the Company (establishment of an external consultation desk)

Family care leave and shortened work hours for family care

Seiko Holdings is establishing systems that surpass statutory requirements for family care leave and for shortened work hours for family care.

Family care leave Leave period of a total of 365 days per person for the subject family.
Shortened work hours for family care The applicable period shall be up to three years from the start of usage.
Employees can choose from among prescribed work patterns, with working hours reduced by either 90 minutes or 150 minutes.

In addition to the above, Seiko Holdings has introduced family care flextime working hours.