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Products that are Kind to the Environment

  • Products that are Kind to the Environment
  • Products and Services that Contribute to Society
GPS solar watch Seiko Astron
GPS solar watch Seiko Astron

The Group companies market a large number of products that are kind to the environment. Furthermore, we are making concerted efforts to create products and services that can positively contribute to improving the environment, as well as components that help improve the environmental features of our customers' products.
The world's first GPS solar watch Seiko Astron released by Seiko Watch Corporation is an extremely eco-friendly watch that runs solely on solar power. Seiko's energy efficient proprietary technology has reduced power consumption for GPS signal reception.

Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) is implementing a program of green product standards based on the concepts of "improving the environmental performance of our clients' products in which our SII devices or components are incorporated" and "contributing to the conservation of the environment." SII introduced the SII Green Product Label System in 2001 and the SII High Grade Green Product Label System in 2006 and has created a large number of eco-friendly products and products that contribute to the environment. The ratio of green product sales reached 98.3% in fiscal 2017.

Examples of SII Green Products

manganese-silicon-based lithium rechargeable battery
Lead-free, reflow-compatible, manganese-silicon-based lithium rechargeable battery
Mobile Printer
Providing both top-in-class performance and compact size
Lead-free metronome
Lead-free metronome