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Environmental Philosophy / Environmental Policy / Environmental Promotion Structure

Environmental Philosophy / Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

(Revised in June 2013/Established in April 1998)

Seiko is cognizant that the protection of the global environment is the highest priority issue of humankind and takes actions by giving considerations to preserving the environment as a good corporate citizen.

Environmental Policy

(Revised in June 2013/Established in April 1999)

  • We set environmental targets, systematically implement measures and confirm the results leading to continuous improvements.
  • We comply with relevant environmental laws, rules and regulations in Japan and other countries, as well as industry-wide initiatives, and undertake efforts to prevent environmental pollution.
  • We ensure the effective use of resources and reduction of greenhouse gases and waste throughout the lifecycle, from manufacturing to sales, by such measures as green purchasing, environmentally friendly production processes, management of chemical substances, products, packaging materials and transportation methods, and thereby contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.
  • We share the Company's environmental policy, environmental issues and trends with our employees, and encourage their understanding and participation in environmental activities.
  • We strive for communication with society by conveying our policies and activities regarding environmental issues.

Environmental Promotion Structure

The Environmental Liaison Committee provides the platform for personnel in charge of environmental issues from Seiko Holdings Group companies to meet and decide environmental policy. In the Sub-committee on Production within this framework, production companies regularly get in contact and give reports with the main aim of sharing the latest information concerning rapidly changing areas such as regulations and guidelines in Japan and overseas. Further, we regularly invite outside lecturers and hold environmental seminars for personnel, and in our "Environmental Topics" section on the intranet, discuss past progress, new initiatives, annual targets and other environmental issues to ensure that our people are fully informed in this vital area.