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Prevention of Global Warming and Contribution to a Recycling-Oriented Society

Prevention of global warming / Initiatives for energy conservation

The Seiko Holdings Group is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in various processes including product development, manufacturing, sales and services by promoting greater visibility of the Group's performance visible through the introduction of environmental accounting and disclosure of CO2emissions.
We are also implementing measures to reduce electricity consumption in our offices. These measures include more efficient temperature setting of air-conditionners, wider introduction of LED lighting, reduction of number of printers and replacement with more environmetally efficient models.

Continous maintenance of "Seiko Instruments Forest"

Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) planted 300 Japanese black pine trees in the Seiko Instruments Forest aimed at rejuvenating the forest reserve along the Kujukuri coast based on a "Cooperative Forest Agreement" concluded with the prefecture and continues to monitor the growth of the pines and continue with forest maintenance activities.

Forest Maintenance Activity by staff members

Seiko Instruments Forest
Seiko Instruments Forest

CO2 emissions93,521t

CO2 emissions

*Because the semiconductor business company was removed from the scope of consolidation in January 2018, it is not included in the total from March 2019 on.
*Domestic CO2 emissions preceding FY2018 were also retroactively recalculated due to a revision to CO2 emission coefficients. The following emission coefficients are used:
Electric power: Emission coefficient by electric power company based on the Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures
Fuel: Unit calorific value and emission coefficient by fuel type based on the Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures

Contributing to a recycling-oriented society

Package waste volume (tons)

Our manufacturing plants have implemented very strong environmental policies for many years. In addition, our operating companies are working to conserve finite resources through the efficient use of energy and other resources as well as through the recycling of merchandise and packaging materials.
Seiko Service Center Co., Ltd. collects button-type batteries from distributors, which are then dismantled by expert operators for recycling.
Three of our operating companies, including Seiko Instruments Inc., are promoting recycling of small rechargeable batteries.
All operating companies, including Wako Co., Ltd. and Seiko Watch Corporation, are implementing initiatives such as reducing the amount of packaging materials used, introducing product identification markings to encourage separation and recycling of waste, and bearing the costs of entrusting waste disposal to recyclers.

Package waste volume
Package waste volume