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Grand Seiko Watchmaking in 3D Virtual Reality. A new interactive experience at the Seiko Museum

August 02, 2016

Seiko Holdings Corporation

The Seiko Museum is pleased to announce the opening on August 10th of a new exhibit that gives the visitor a completely new perspective on the art of luxury watchmaking.
Using a revolutionary new 3D virtual reality technology created by zSpace, this exhibit takes the visitor inside a Grand Seiko watch movement, revealing every component and demonstrating how they are assembled and how the watch functions. As entertaining as it is educational, this exhibit brings watchmaking alive in a novel and engaging way.

The exhibit can be experienced in different modes. Use the 24-inch 3D display, put on the lightweight tracking glasses, hold the stylus and you can pick up, examine, magnify and move the watch components one by one, and then assemble and dis-assemble the whole movement. Larger groups can also enjoy the watchmaking experience through the augmented reality zView programme on the big screen.
Children and adults alike will instinctively understand and appreciate the beauty of the three Grand Seiko technologies, 10-beat mechanical, quartz with accuracy of ±10 seconds a year and Spring Drive, a unique technology that combines the very best of mechanical and quartz.

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zSpace is a private company, based in California USA, specializing in innovative virtual reality display technologies. It has been granted more than 30 patents.

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Visitors can also enjoy the renovated and expanded Grand Seiko corner, where the award-winning 9S hi-beat 36000 series is highlighted.
The Seiko museum, located in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, is home to a wide range of watches, clocks and other timekeeping devices from the earliest times to the present day. The Museum presents not only the full story of Japanese and Seiko watches and clocks, but also examples of timepieces from all over the world.
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