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Image Song "Moving ahead. Touching hearts."

Moving ahead. Touching hearts. Moving ahead. Touching hearts.

Seiko Group Slogan

Moving ahead. Touching hearts.

In May 2014, the group slogan was established. It expresses the Group's aspiration to become an entity that is always ahead of the times and resonates with customers' hearts by providing not only physical values but also emotional values such as playfulness, excitement and a sense of thrill.

Introduction of the Image Song

Since we decided to use the Group slogan proactively to develop a sense of employee unity and for PR activities targeting people outside the Group companies, we decided to produce a piece of music that fits the image of "SEIKO Moving ahead. Touching hearts." as part of our communication activities.
Centered on the Sound of 'Wa' Concert to support eastern Japan in a spirit of "harmony", this melody is used also in the TV programs presented by Seiko, "Sound Inn S".
We will continue disseminating the Group slogan and image song in a variety of ways, in the hope that we will evoke happy excitement and a sense of thrill in people when they hear this music. We will continuously set the music as one of the axes of our branding activities under the Group slogan to further improve the brand image.

Seiko's image song Moving ahead. Touching hearts.

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music video "Art of Time"

The image song is used as the background music in the brand music video "Art of Time" themed on the Group slogan: "SEIKO Moving ahead. Touching hearts."

Up to the Completion of the Image Song

Each and every employee thought about the theme song of the Seiko Group, which will be sung successively in 10 and 20 years' time, inspiring hopes and passions for the future of the Group's employees.
Employees were invited to create lyrics embodying the wishes of the Group, and they presented phrases based on the image of the Group slogan, "SEIKO Moving ahead. Touching hearts." to one another. The lyrics and phrases were arranged by professional songwriters into a lyric work expressing the wishes of the employees.
The lyrics was combined with the melody created by the Chairman & Group CEO, CCO, Shinji Hattori, arranged by professional composers/arrangers and completed as a piece of music.

Up to the Completion of the Image Song
Up to the Completion of the Image Song