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We disclose information to shareholders and investors in a timely and proper manner and work to promote honest and transparent communication.

Strengthening of Communications

To ensure understanding of the Group's management policies and corporate strategies, we hold financial briefing sessions, business briefing sessions, and various other information sessions for securities analysists and institutional investors, attended by Seiko Group Corporation's Chairman and Group CEO, the Corporation's President, Officers, etc.

We also hold tours of our Japanese manufacturing bases and the Seiko Museum. In FY2017 we participated in conferences held by stock companies, and held information sessions for overseas institutional investors and private investors.

IR explanatory meeting
IR explanatory meeting
IR explanatory meeting
IR explanatory meeting

Distribution of profits

Transition of dividends
  • Transition of dividends (Per share/unit: yen)

With regard to the distribution of profits, Seiko Group Corporation places strong emphasis on the continued payment of stable dividends as its basic policy.
For the fiscal year ended March 2023, in view of consolidated business results for the year under review while giving consideration to appropriating funds to retained earnings for strengthening our management foundation and based on our policy of paying stable dividends, the Company paid cash dividends per share of 75.0 yen.