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The sole and express purpose of this Seiko Group Corporation (hereinafter "the Company") website is to enhance public understanding of the Company and its affiliated companies, and should not in any way be construed as a solicitation for investment. Any decision to invest in the Company rests entirely with the judgment and responsibility of the investor.

The financial data posted on this website-including plans, forecasts and strategies of the Company and its affiliate companies-is developed from a broad base of information collected and collated by the Company as of the day the data is announced. Actual results, however, may differ materially from those projected due to changes in the business environment and other variables.

The Company deals with the news media, institutional investors and analysts in a fair and equitable manner based on information previously made available to the public. The Company does not assure the accuracy of nor authorize evaluations, earnings forecasts or comments issued by third parties.

The information available on this website does not necessarily correspond entirely to that the Company discloses to stock exchanges and other institutions, and may be expressed differently from information that is disclosed. In addition, the information on this website may be altered, amended and/or deleted without notice.

While this website is managed and operated by the Company and its agent, neither party is responsible for any damage, material or otherwise, incurred by viewers resulting from the unauthorized alteration of data by third parties, computer viruses and/or any other problem associated with information that is posted.

Please view this website only after accepting the aforementioned terms.