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Seiko Exciting Clock School

Seiko Exciting Clock School Seiko Exciting Clock School

It is Seiko's desire to help children appreciate the interesting aspects of time and timepieces, as well as the joy of making things and the importance of working together as a team. The Seiko Exciting Clock School aims to achieve this desire through an elementary school visiting program.
This program was started in 2017, and has been expanding in scope as the number of regions and schools involved gradually increases.

Introduction of Staff

The classes are conducted through the cooperation of Seiko staff from various departments. The staff take turns performing the roles of the students' teacher and teaching assistants (TAs) who sit in on each group and provide the students with advice and support. Below, we introduce just three of the many staff members.

Yutaka Fukushima

Yutaka Fukushima

In charge of planning and implementation of events related to Seiko's luxury watches and tours of Seiko's luxury watch studios, as well as general design and video production, etc. for the Shizukuishi Watch Studio.

Nozomi Kimura
Teaching Assistant

Nozomi Kimura

Since joining the company, she has overseen the planning and implementation of the Waku-Waku Timepiece Classroom activities and various musical events, as well as product placement in collaboration with various celebrities.

Yasuko Tagaya
Teaching Assistant

Yasuko Tagaya

Handles examinations and consultations in relation to a wide range of legal matters within Japan for the various group companies. Is also in charge of formulation and examination of contracts with business associates and other external parties.

Outline of Classes

The classes are for elementary school 5th and 6th graders. Through lectures and practical work, the students learn about the principles of timekeeping and the importance of working together to build something.


The children are asked to suggest situations in which they would need to know the time, to help them understand the significance of timepieces.

Instructor Students taking classes


The children perform an experiment in which they try to accurately measure 10 seconds using a pendulum, a sandglass, and their own pulse, thereby learning that time is measured by multiplying intervals by the number of repetitions.

Student experimenting with pendulum Measure with stopwatch


The children learn about the history of timepieces and how they have evolved to become more accurate and easier to use. They learn details about a timepiece's mechanisms and observe the actual parts.

Students touching the watch Students touching the actual watch


The children combine gears with motor-driven clocks and create their own original timepieces that measure their favorite times.In doing this, they not only learn something of the concept of gear ratios, they also learn that the creation of a timepiece is made possible through the efforts of many people fulfilling various roles.

Original clock in the process of creation Students taught by staff

Students’ Impressions

Students announcing the completed original clock

The thing that stuck in my mind was learning that the oldest type of timepiece is the sundial, followed by the water clock and the hourglass.
There were some things that I didn’t understand about the mechanisms of clocks, so I’d like to learn more. Next time I’d also like to make a watch.

Students making original watches

The most enjoyable part was everyone working together to make our own original clocks.
I was also surprised to learn that the rotation of a clock’s hand changes according to the gears. Next time I’d like to learn more about the history of timepieces, which I didn’t know much about.

Students announcing the completed original clock

It was fun doing the 10-second measurements. I was so surprised to see how all the parts of a clock differ from each other and how small they are. I think clocks are amazing. I’d like to visit the Seiko Museum.

Teachers' Impressions

I think it was very good that each group of children had one teacher overseeing them and teaching them carefully. The children enjoyed it immensely, and I would certainly like to bring our students here again at the next opportunity. Thank you very much indeed.


Number of students who have participated

Number of students who have participated


Number of participating schools

Number of participating schools


Number of Seiko staff who have participated

Number of Seiko staff who have participated


Total number of hours of classes taugh

Total number of hours of classes taught

49 hours

*The data provided above are cumulative results that include the projected results for 2019.