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Mid-Term Management Plan

Sixth Mid-Term Management Plan


The Company has formulated the Sixth Mid-Term Management Plan, a three-year plan beginning in the fiscal year ending March 2017 (fiscal 2016).
And at the same time, it has established its long-term vision of what the Seiko Holdings Group aims to be 10 years in the future, based on the Group slogan, ’SEIKO Moving Ahead, Touching Hearts’

Long-Term Vision (What we aim to be) We aim to be a trend-setting and innovative global group that shares excitement with all its stakeholders around the world by providing products and services that exceed the highest expectations of our customers.
Basic Policies  We will promote strengthening of profitability and investing for growth with the aim of being a highly profitable group with the Watches Business at its core,while pursuing all-out reinforcement of the management foundation.

Consolidated target figures of FY2018 (final fiscal year)

Net sales JPY 310.0 billion
Operating income JPY 17.0 billion
Equity capital ratio 35% or higher
Net interest bearing debt JPY 75.0 billion or less

Basic Policies of the Sixth Mid-Term Management Plan

Basic Policy1 Strengthening profitability and investing for growth

1 Toward greater growth in the Watches Business as the Group’s core business (expanding profits)
2 Generating profit by prioritizing allocation of management resources to core businesses in the Electronic Devices Business (increasing profitability)
3 Reinforcing the business foundation of the Systems Solutions Business as a third main segment (strengthening profitability)
4 Maintaining stable earnings structure in other businesses (stable profitability)

Basic Policy2 Reinforcing the management foundation

1 Enhancing corporate communication
2 Continuing basic policies on capital and financial policy
3 Enhancing corporate governance
3 Enhancing organizational and group functions, and continuing with basic policies on human resources

Basic Strategies by Reported Business Segment

  • * The sales target figures and percentages shown in the pie graph are calculated based on figures before adjustments for inter-segment sales or transfers.
  • * Assuming exclusion of the joint venture semiconductor business company from the Electronic Devices Business in FY2018.
Watches Business 59% Net sales 190.0billion yen Operating income 17.0billion yen
Electronic Devices Business 24% Net sales 75.0billion yen Operating income 2.5billion yen
Systems Solutions Business 8% Net sales 25.0billion yen Operating income 1.5billion yen
Others 11% Net sales 30.0billion yen Operating income 1.0billion yen

Sixth Mid-Term Management Plan(FY2016-FY2018) [1.4 MB]