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Seiko's Business Genealogy

Seiko's Business Genealogy Seiko's Business Genealogy

Since its establishment in 1881, Seiko has adhered to the spirit of “Always one step ahead of the rest”and has continually provided innovative products and moved ahead to touch the times and people’s hearts.

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In keeping with Seiko's founder's credo to be "Always one step ahead of the rest," we have expanded our watch business using advanced technology and craftsmanship and we are currently one of the few watch manufacturers in the world to carry out fully-integrated in-house manufacturing.

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Electronic Devices

Using the precise and reliable technology that has emerged from our manufacturing and development of timepieces, we are expanding development and production of devices and high-precision processed parts installed in various electronic equipment.

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Systems Solutions

To meet the increasingly complex needs of our customers in this age of digital transformation, we provide optimal one-stop ICT solutions, from consultation to operation management.

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For over 125 years since we began the production of wall clocks, Seiko has been involved in all areas of clock making from planning and manufacture to the provision of after-sales services. Thanks to our experience, our manufacturing skills, our leading-edge technologies and our passion for quality, we are able to offer a wide variety of exceptional clocks of all types.

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System Clocks/Sports Timing

We are developing our business operations comprehensively, covering everything from planning and development to manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services for a variety of products, including system clocks for use in public facilities such as schools and hospitals and sports timing and measurement systems. Also, based on our know-how and technological capabilities cultivated through experience in international sporting events such as the World Athletics Championships, we serve as the official timer of various sports competitions.

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WAKO and other Businesses

Wako, an upscale specialty store that is a landmark in the Ginza district of Tokyo, offers a wide range of high-quality products, including watches, jewelry, men’s and ladies’ products, interior decoration products, and foods, and provides outstanding service. Moreover, our eyewear business, which boasts a history of over 90 years and is one of the few companies in the world that handles both lenses and frames, offers a range of glasses that provide maximum and optimum vision enhancement.

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