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Notice of Clock Tower Remodeling at SEIKO HOUSE GINZA

September 07, 2023
Seiko Group Corporation

Seiko Group Corporation (Chairman & Group CEO, CCO: Shinji Hattori; head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan; hereinafter "Seiko"), in celebration of Disney's 100th anniversary, is pleased to announce a limited-time event from October 5 to November 18, to celebrate Mickey Mouse's birthday. To commemorate this unique occasion, the 2.4-meter diameter dial of the clock tower atop Seiko House Ginza will be decorated with a special Mickey Mouse design. Furthermore, on the opposite side of the intersection, the clock facing the rooftop of Seiko House Ginza will feature the same design.

The new dial installation will proceed according to the following schedule.

【2023 SEIKO HOUSE GINZA Clock Tower Remodeling Period】
- From September 14 (Thursday) to October 5 (Thursday)
- From November 19 (Sunday) to November 30 (Saturday)

For more details regarding the special Mickey Mouse re-design of the clock tower, please refer to the following link.

Press Contact:

Seiko Group Corporation
Public Relations Department

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