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Seiko’s Business

Watches are not all Seiko provides.

Watches are not all that Seiko has to offer society. Our business activities also include the provision of electronic devices and system solutions as well as the operation of a retail business.


In the founder's sprit of "Remain one step ahead of our time," Seiko has developed its watch business by combining its unique cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship. To fully harness this uniqueness, we has remained one of the few manufacture d'horlogerie (full-scale manufacturers) in the world that consistently engage in parts production, assembly, and adjustment. Our main products are four global brands: Grand Seiko, which seeks the essence of watches, Seiko Astron, the world's first GPS solar watch, Seiko Prospex, descended from the first domestically produced diver's watch, and Seiko Presage, which exerts a made-in-Japan mechanical charm.

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Electronic Devices

We support a highly developed society and industry through a wide variety of technologies.

Electronic Devices

We offer precision cutting parts, including hard-disk drive parts and automotive ABS brake parts. Further, we offer machine tools that exert their ability in highly accurate manufacturing.


Ink-jet print heads that are the core parts of industrial printers are utilized in printing on outside billboards, tiles, and cloth. The thermal printer mechanism that performs printing by applying heat to thermal paper is widely used in our immediate surroundings, including POS registers and payment terminals.


The crystal oscillator IC, which has one of the world's largest market shares, plays an important role in communication infrastructure oscillators. We also offer crystal oscillators and microbatteries that contribute to small-sized and sophisticated electronic equipment.

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Systems Solutions

In this age of IoT, we offer an optimum one-stop ICT solution from consultation to system building and operation management in response to customers' needs, including the security of complex systems and productivity improvement in an office or at a site.

Systems integration

Our offerings include a total building management system, energy management system, restaurant ordering system, and digital evidence solution.

Payment solutions

We provide consistent support from the provision of non-contact IC terminals, payment package software, and wireless credit card payment service for taxis to the operation of an information processing center.

Network solutions

We offer a range of network equipment, including a time server that distributes with extreme accuracy the standard time to machines on a network and a multiprotocol converter.

Mobile solutions

We offer Japan's first M2M communication module that is compatible with the LTE3 band, IoT equipment with a built-in communication module, application products, and operational services.

System Performance Management Solution

We offer mainframes, client servers, cloud, performance and prediction management responding to a virtual environment, and multiplatform performance management.

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In addition to the above, we offer clocks, operate retail business, and provide system clocks/sports timing.


For over 125 years since we began the production of wall clocks, Seiko has been involved in all areas of clock making from planning and manufacture to the provision of after-sales services.
Thanks to our experience, our manufacturing skills, our leading-edge technologies and our passion for quality, we are able to offer a wide variety of clocks of all types.

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Wako, an upscale specialty store that is a landmark in the Ginza district of Tokyo, offers a wide range of high-quality products and services, including watches, jewelry, men’s and women’s products, interior decoration products, and foods.

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System Clocks / Sports Timing

We engage in the business of handling system clocks and sports products in a comprehensive manner, from planning to after-sales services.
Our product range includes clocks for public places, marionette clocks that decorate communities, and sports timing devices.
We also provide timing support activities at various national and international sports competitions.

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