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Corporate Information

Q1When was the company established ?

It was established in 1881.
It was incorporated in 1917 as K. Hattori & Co., Ltd.

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Q2When was the company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange ?
It was listed on May 16, 1949.
Q3What is the securities code ?
It's 8050.
Q4Where are the websites of your affiliated companies found ?

Please refer to the list of affiliate companies.

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Financial Results

Q1When does the fiscal year end ?
On March 31.
Q2When do you announce your financial results ?

We announce our financial results on a quarterly basis. As for the specific schedule please see our IR Calendar.

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Q3How can I view the past financial results reports ?

Please refer to the business results statements and other data in the IR Library.

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Q4Where can I view your annual reports ?
We do not provide annual reports.

Stock Information

Q1Who is the manager of the register of shareholders ?
Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.
Q2What are the mailing address and telephone number for share registration and other handlings ?

If your shares are deposited in transaction accounts of brokerage firms or other financial institutions, please contact those institutions. If your shares are held in Mizuho Trust & Banking Co.'s special accounts, please contact its Stock Transfer Agency Department at this toll-free number (accessible only in Japan): 0120-288-324.

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Q3When do you hold the general meeting of shareholders ?

General meetings of shareholders are held annually in late-June. Please view our IR Calendar.

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Q4Do you have hospitality programs for shareholders ?
No such programs are provided.
Q5When is the record date for dividends payment ?
On March 31. When interim dividends are paid out, the record date is September 30.
Q6What are your dividends ?

Please see Financial Results

Financial Results

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Q1What are your initiatives to protect the environment ?

Please see our CSR Activities.

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Q1Where is the contact information for IR related inquiries ?

Please see our Inquiries section.

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Q2Where is the contact information for inquiries related to commercial goods, products and services ?

Please see our Inquiries section.

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