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Finish Time Ad

Flash Ads

Congratulations to the runners who completed the Tokyo Marathon 2019!
The entered ad sheets and your smiles have been posted in subway trains since this morning.
Please enjoy a part of them here in this page.

Your finish time will be posted as an ad on trains!

Seiko has carried out the “Seiko City Runners Support Project” in which city runners play a central role at both Osaka and Tokyo Marathons since the Tokyo Marathon 2012.
The project offers unique activities that can be shared with people around you, including train-domination advertising and posting ad sheets hand written by finished runners.
In addition to the train-domination advertising that receives a lot of favorable reviews every year, an enhanced flash ads project is being planned in 2019.
We will be waiting for you at the Seiko booth in the finish area!

On the day of the event