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Main text

Personal Information Protection Policy

Seiko Holdings Corporation (Seiko) believes that the appropriate protection of personal information is extremely important as a social obligation that should be fulfilled by enterprises and is essential for a company to be trusted by society. On the basis of this belief, Seiko stipulates its Personal Information Protection Policy as follows:

1.The compliance with laws and ordinances Seiko shall strictly obey laws, ordinances, and other regulations relating to the protection of personal information and shall endeavor to protect personal information.
2.The establishment of an internal system Seiko shall appoint a person responsible for the management of personal information in sections that handle personal information, establish company regulations, and thoroughly promote awareness of personal information protection.
3.The collection and use of information When collecting personal information, Seiko shall clarify the purpose of use beforehand and use the information within the scope of mutual agreement.
However, there are cases wherein Seiko may disclose personal information with affiliated companies in order to answer and/or confirm the content of customer inquiries, etc., directed at Seiko.
4.The Protection and control of information Seiko shall implement appropriate management by adopting information security and other security measures to prevent illegal access to personal information and the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.
5.Inquiries relating to information Seiko shall respond promptly and within a rational scope to requests for the disclosure or amendment of personal information.
6.Improvement In light of applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations relating to personal information possessed by the company, Seiko shall review and improve its Personal Information Protection Policy and company regulations in a timely and appropriate manner.
7.Related operating companies Seiko shall provide assistance and cooperation so that related operating companies establish personal information protection schemes and engage in the appropriate protection of personal information in accordance with their circumstances.

Established March 2005.
Last Updated February 2015.

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