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In the era before clocks became widespread, people told the time by adding  "sound" to "time".In this way, music made time itself decorative and colorful.That is the art of time. An art with no form, woven out of time.The Art of Time is a branded music video based on the slogan of the Seiko Holdings Corporation Group, "Seiko. Moving ahead. Touching hearts".The Seiko image song contains the words and thoughts of Seiko employees. As it plays, we see a stage setting of clockwork precision, created from mechanical watch parts.Under the deft and skillful manipulation of the Seiko watch artisans, the stage sparkles and moves. Seiko brings music and time together to give people moments to treasure and remember.

"Art of Time" behind the Scenes

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On the production set of the ART OF TIME. The set was filmed from a fixed point, showing the entire production process from preparation to the final successful shot, all in one take. Total shooting time was 70 hours, or nearly three days.
  • The title, Art of Time, has two meanings. It refers to the visualization of the broad concept of time, and also to the artistry of timepiece craftsmen.
  • As well as the watch parts themselves, watch-making tools are also used.
  • The production began with planning and technological consultations with the watch artisans, and took a full year to complete. Countless tests were run, and fifteen takes were required over two days.
  • The red spheres that appears in the film are rubies. In watches, rubies are used to minimize bearing abrasion.
  • In this town created out of watch parts, residents can be glimpsed hidden here and there. There is even a couple in love.
  • The red heart moves via a slit animation mechanism that is part of a wristwatch, made to a specially ordered size. It is driven by the movement of the watch.

Seiko Image Song "Seiko. Moving Ahead. Touching Hearts"

The music that accompanies the film was written by the CEO of the Seiko Holdings Corporation, Shinji Hattori. The lyrics were written based on submissions from Seiko employees, and express the group slogan, "Seiko. Moving ahead. Touching hearts". Watch how the beautiful images and music synchronize with each other.

Lyrics for the image song, "Seiko. Moving Ahead. Touching Hearts"

The day begins with light in the window/That sky is filled with hope, I want to build the future/Hurry now, one step at a time, make every second count/Shining Seiko, we are moving ahead and touching hearts/In good times and bad, we are always side-by-side/Looking at our hands, thinking what we can do, we are filled with hope/Something lies ahead, have the courage to go forward/Flourishing Seiko, moving ahead and touching hearts together/We believe in each other, we walk together/Shining Seiko, we are moving ahead and touching hearts/All the way, together


Pallet Bridge/Yoke/First Reduction Wheel Gear/Ratchet Wheel/Winding Stem/Bezel/Case Body/Casing Frame/Date Indicator/Case Back/Bridge Screw/Second Reduction Wheel And Pinion Screw/Ratchet Wheel Screw/Pallet Bridge Screw/Date Indicator Maintaining Screw/Yoke Spring Screw/Clutch Wheel/Day-date Corrector Setting Transmission /Wheel/Date Jumper/Clasp/Inner Block/Outer Block/Balance Bridge/Automatic Train Bridge/Bridge/Minute Wheel And Pinion/Oscillating Weight/Yoke  Spring/Ruby/Barrel Drum/Day Indicator/Escape Wheel And Pinion/Barrel And Train Wheel Bridge/Spring Bar/Click/Pawl Lever/Third Wheel And Pinion/Fourth Wheel And Pinion/Setting Lever/Main Plate/Intermediate Date Wheel/Day Corrector Setting Transmission Whee/Day-date Corrector Setting Wheel Gear/Hour Hand/Minute Hand/Balance With Balance Spring/Movement

Seiko Holdings Group Slogan

Seiko. Moving Ahead. Touching Hearts.
"Always one step ahead of the rest." This has been our vision since our founding, and today we continue to pursue innovation. We created our corporate slogan to clearly proclaim both this vision and our new commitment to appeal to the emotions of our customers. The slogan expresses our strong desire and motivation to create a new future, with the technological expertise and sensibility that have made us ahead of our time.
Seiko Holdings Corporation