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  Seiko to serve as the official timer of the IAAF World Championships Moscow 2013
―contributing to the event with new timing systems and a TV commercial

 Seiko Holdings Corporation (President Yoshinobu Nakamura, “Seiko”) is pleased to announce that Seiko will serve as the official timer of the IAAF World Championships Moscow 2013 that will take place in Moscow, Russia from August 10 through 18, 2013.

 Since our first IAAF World Championships in Rome in 1987, Seiko has been the official timer of the IAAF World Athletic Series 12 times in a row. We have supported the events by introducing a number of advanced systems to measure top athletes' times and distances accurately and to provide spectators with the event information quickly. Our newly developed systems including the LED-equipped field event board will be used this time so that everyone at the event can enjoy competitions more than ever.
 As full color LED panels are incorporated in the new field event board, it displays information related to field events such as profiles of athletes, events in progress and results with bright colors and high visibility. It features panels on three sides, thus the displayed information can be easily viewed from any angle of a circular spectator stand.
 In terms of the new starting blocks that will be introduced in track events, the position of the built-in speakers has changed from the rear to the front, so that a starter's voice and start sound can be heard closer to athletes' ears. Also, the length of their foot plates is 25 cm, which is 8 cm longer than our conventional models. These larger foot plates allow athletes to push back more forcefully at the start.

▲The new field event board
▲The new starting block

 To liven up the event, Seiko has newly created a TV commercial and a visual image for sports advertisement together with new slogans.

1.A TV commercial made by slicing moments in sports scenes
 A new TV commercial was created using the "time slice method" based on a concept of slicing moments of various sports for which Seiko is measuring the time. The time slice method enables a 360-degree view of objects' momentary expressions by installing cameras in a circle and clicking the shutters simultaneously. It took seven days in total for shooting this TV commercial, using 36 cameras and different locations including a snow mountain, pool and studio. This new 30-second commercial visualizes moments that are usually invisible to the human eye and will be broadcast as the event day nears.

2.Slogans infused with passions of people who challenge time
 Athletes motivate and challenge themselves based on the time measured not only at the competitions but also in daily practices. Through our support for various sports events, we have learned that this is a state of mind common to all the people who challenge time and face sports earnestly, including professional athletes as well as amateur runners who participate in city marathons. With our wish that Seiko becomes their partner supporting and encouraging their genuine enthusiasm, new slogans will be disseminated from this year's IAAF World Championships to the world.

Global Slogan

3.Visualization of a symbolic scene of the IAAF World Championships
 Regardless of professionals or amateurs, for everyone who plays sports, any time proves what they are. This year, we have created a visual based on an image of a moment setting their permanent records. In the motif of a Seiko timer, it is represented by the world record of men's 100 meters, 9.58 seconds, measured by Seiko at the IAAF World Championships Berlin 2009.

4.Seiko Special Website: Official Timer Seiko x IAAF World Championships
 The Seiko special website introduces the timing systems that Seiko actually uses at events and a pavilion that will be built near the stadium. Videos such as past TV commercials are also available.

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