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1881 K.Hattori, which later became Seiko Holdings Corporation, was established.

1892 Seikosha Clock Factory was founded and began production of wall clocks.1
1895 Production of pocket watches began.
1913 Production of Laurel, Japan's first wristwatch, began.2
1924 SEIKO brand first used on watches.
1930 Production of Japan’s first camera shutters began.
1932 The Wako clock tower, the familiar “face” of Ginza, was constructed.
1949 K. Hattori & Co., Ltd. listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1953 Seiko broadcast Japan's first TV Commercial.3
1964 Served as Official Timer of the Tokyo Olympic Games4
Seiko served at 5 Olympic Games thereafter.
1968 Introduced Japan’s first desktop computer.
1968 Introduced the world’s first quartz wall clocks for home use.
1969 Introduced “Seiko Quartz Astron," the world's first quartz watch.5
1970 Atomic U.H.F. Time System used as the official time for the 1970 Osaka Expo.6
1973 Introduced the world’s first six-digit LCD watch.
1975 Launched Japan's first plastic optical lens.
1981 Opend The Seiko Institue of Horology, which later became The Seiko Museum.
1982 Introduced the world’s first TV watch.
1984 Introduced Pyramid Talk, the talking clock.7
1984 Constructed Japan’s first large-sized marionette clock.
1985 Developed the world’s first automated ordering system for restaurants.
1987 Served as Official Timer of the IAAF World Championships in Rome; has timed all subsequent IAAF World Championships.
1988 Introduced the world’s first “A.G.S.” watch (later renamed as “Kinetic”).
1992 Introduced the world’s first full-text electronic dictionaries.
1997 Introduced the world’s first back-surface progressive addition optical lens.
1999 Introduced the world’s first Spring Drive watch.
1999 Launched CREPiCO, Japan’s first wireless card payment system.
2004 Opened Shizukuishi Watch Studio, a fully-integrated production facility for mechanical watches.8
2005 Developed mercury-free silver oxide batteries.
2006 Introduced the world’s first e-ink watch.
2007 Served as Official Timer of the Tokyo Marathon; has served at all subsequent Tokyo Marathons.
2012 Launched “Seiko Astron," the world's first GPS solar watch.9

History of Seiko Holdings Group

History of Seiko Holdings Group
The Seiko Museum
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